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THEY’RE GETTING DESPERATE: Myocarditis Risk Higher After Covid Infection Than Pfizer or Moderna vaccination… CDC finds

So wait, this means they are also admitting that BOTH the vaccine and the boogeyman virus cause Myocarditis!! Aaaahahaha. How much more fucked can things get?!?!

I’m surprised that they didn’t try to blame more of the deaths from the jab on the “after-effects” of having “endured” their made-up LARP drill virus like they’ve now chosen to do in order to explain this huge surge in Myocardial complications that we are currently experiencing. Especially in kids… the poor damn kids.

VIDEO: Teens Deaths Increase After COVID-19 Shots

I mean once you get Covaids it can literally be blamed as your official cause of death at any point in your life, even long after recovery and seemingly out of nowhere Lol.

Imagine being that dumb that you’d believe some stupid shit like that? Well you don’t have to imagine. Welcome to the twighlight zone. People will believe it and will obediently parrot the near damn exact headline without a thought or care in the world. They don’t care how retarded these excuses get, they are going to go along with it so you better get used to it. Some people think that the tide is turning but I’m not getting my hopes up anymore. There is too much retardation all around. Something is wrong. Very wrong. You know how many people have gotten their 4th or 5th shots? It’s like this whole thing was the BETA test for the eventual implementation of a permanent hive mind infrastructure for human consciousness.

Can you feel it? The tide is turning, the vaxx scam is slowly getting exposed. I see a shit ton of regrets and tears. The shills are losing it, they can’t find a decent way to keep the charade on anymore.

VIDEO: heart deaths increase after each dose

Myocarditis Risk Higher After Covid Infection Than Pfizer …

https://nationworldnews.com › myocarditis-risk-higher-after-covid-infection-than-pfizer-or-moderna-vaccination-cdc-findsAmong teenage boys, the rate of myocarditis or pericarditis after infection was at least 50 cases per 100,000 people, compared with at least 22 cases per 100,000 after the second dose of vaccine. The overall risk of heart conditions after Covidinfection was up to 5.6 times higher compared to the second dose of vaccine.

Association Between COVID-19 and Myocarditis Using …

https://www.cdc.gov › mmwr › volumes › 70 › wr › mm7035e5.htmDiscussion. In this study, the occurrence of myocarditis inpatient encounters was 42% higher in 2020 than in 2019. The risk for myocarditis among patients with COVID-19 during March 2020-January 2021 was nearly 16 times as high as the risk among patients without COVID-19, with the association between COVID-19 and myocarditis being most pronounced among children and older adults.

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