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What Holds Up The Sun? Full Documentary | A Voyage To The Center Of The Earth; The True North Pole Or The Smoky God By Willis Emerson

Is the sun: a transmitter of energy aka a “transformer”?. A portal? A reflection of the “Black Sun” on the plasma belt? An artificial array of lights or fusion reactors? I think the most unlikely of all the theories is that it’s a ball of perpetually exploding hydrogen bombs millions of miles away from us.

Rose Hannah has pointed out that the version of the sun that we’ve been seeing of late is not the “real” sun but rather a sun simulator of some kind. I guess if you were trying to hide prophetic signs in the luminaries and had the technology to do it, you’d do it.
This full length documentary goes from the basics of FE to some of the more advanced (yet ancient) concepts. Is Earth really level? Why can’t rockets get to space or fly there? How they fake non-gravity? What holds up the sun? How old is earth? These and many more topics are discussed here.

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