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I Will NEVER Understand How So Many People Could Take the Word of Corporate Big Pharma & The Political Cronies Who Work for Them Over the Word of Their Much Purer-Intentioned Friends & Family Members Who Have NOTHING to Gain and EVERYTHING to Lose.

I will NEVER understand how a general population of apparently sentient human beings who are supposed to possess free-will could choose to take the side of an evil and diabolical synthetic-drug-pushing corporate entity that has ALL the material wealth to speak of to gain by pushing a dangerous and unnecessary injection onto the public, over the side of any potential individual human beings in their personal lives who may have tried to warn them against it and who have absolutely NOTHING to gain and only EVERYTHING to lose. I’ll never understand it. I want to believe that some kind of physical mind control apparatus has been initiated in order to explain so much of the inexplicable and mindless behavior being exhibited by so many of our friends and family members. But unfortunately I think that most people really are THAT cowardly and THAT dependent on societal comfort and acceptance that they would find it neccessary to support such blatantly anti-freedom and anti-human oriented policies and support such an oppressive general consensus on vaccine and mask mandates.

Us anti-Big Pharma/anti-vaxxers are not the ones establishing an Orwellian vice-grip on humanity by infecting everyone with nano-tech, selectively culling the population and making hundreds of billions of dollars in the process like the EL-ites who own big pharma have after recently introducing these unapproved vaccines to the masses for unabated consumption.

Someone like myself for example will have lost a great many friends, possibly our job and the respect and admiration of certain people in our lives who may have once been important to us, all for deciding not to allow the FUCKING FEDS to inject an innocuous experimental mystery serum into our bodies to supposedly protect us from a virus that I’ve seen no proof actually even exists.

We will also have to endure a lifetime of ridicule from the likes of any of the Vaxholes who survive their jabs for whatever reason(I don’t think they’ve gotten it to “work” right yet or else they’d all be dead…hence all the boosters and variants).

Though many of the loudest and more obnoxious of the Vaxhole crowd have recently been “Karmically Cleansed”. There seems be an unwritten universal law that anyone who recklessly and shillistically screeches pro-vax rhetoric on social media is destined to die from “jab complications”. They will probably end up proving to be the lucky ones of the vaccinated bunch.

What happened doc? You there? Oh shit… can’t mock us much anymore now that you’re dead, huh?

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Dr. Hartlage aka “Queen of the Vaccine” did end up getting that visit from the real “Pfizer Fairy” after all! 💀☠️⚰️⚱️Death itself…

Anti-vaxxers like us are now considered outcasts and official enemies of the state. That much is clear. Many of us “dissidents” have even lost loved ones directly from the jabs. The point is, we have gained NOTHING and have only made our lives much harder and exponentially shittier by taking the unwavering positions we have, yet so many of you still choose to side with a fucking corporation and mostly because their jackass jackal puppet bought-and-paid-for news anchors on a television screen told you to and because compliance might make things a bit easier and more convenient for you in the long run(though don’t expect any end to the booster shots). That’s infinitely pathetic and despicable and you likely don’t even have a “long-term” future to even have to worry about planning for now anyway. Dumbass.

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There’s even A MIT study that showed that its in fact the “conformist pro-vax” crowd who are the unintelligent and mindless ones, while the skeptics like us are the more rational, well-rounded and honestly-researched of the bunch and much much more capable of making an informed decision. Vaxholes = fucking idiots who cannot think for themselves. Anti-vaxers = not fucking idiots who CAN think for themselves. It’s not Rocket Science. It’s not like we are genuis savants who have cracked some complicated and cryptic code in order to come to the conclusions we have. This is all painfully obvious stuff here.

While someone with a tiny platform and voice like myself and/or any mere mortal civilian individual who decides to openly & courageously take any kind of anti-vax/anti-mandate stance has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING at all to gain, you could make the argument that the anti-vaxx Gatekeepers like Del Bigtree and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. have their viewerships, AD revenue and political cointelpro counter-narratives to gain by taking the positions and making the content they have been. But if that’s the best that the Vaxhole Community can bring to the table to try to discredit “anti-vaxness” in general, then that’s absolutely pathetic. The Gatekeeper channels can’t be making that much money and someone like Dr. Mercola who is mega rich, got where he is by being an accomplished physician and heavily published author within the medical community for many years. Going against big pharma is hardly lucrative for someone practicing medicine.

Most doctors make their personal fortunes and the crux of their overall income from kick-backs directly from the drug manufacturers in exchange for writing specific prescriptions that in many cases the doctor knows their patient doesn’t really need.

Most doctors don’t even need to consciously break the Hippocratic oath to do wrong by their patients, most have been trained in med school to match up certain symptoms to certain drugs and treat all ailments using this strategy. It’s horseshit and totally “anti-wellness”.

So Dr. Mercola really is going against the grain by voicing his professional medical opinions against the use of vaccines and should not have to defend his publishing success. The real “Controlled Opposition” like the Del Bigtrees, RFK’s and Stew Peters of the community exist for water-muddying purposes and in order for them to be able to establish a malleable and somewhat controlled(and more easily discreditable when needed) counter narrative. Their mere existence doesn’t suddenly transform big pharma into some kind of benevolent pillar of righteous intent.

REMEMBER: There’s always a narrative, controlled cointelpro counter-narrative and then the very elusive truth truth. They do everything in 3’s. In this case we have the primary narrative represented by loathsome pro-vaxx trolls like Erin Costello from Facebook, or most lamestream media publications. Then we have the counter anti-vax narrative which is dominated by Ivermetcin peddling cointelpro agents like RFK or Peters who act as Gatekeepers and will act to safeguard certain information they’ve been assigned to in order to protect specific special political or corporate interests. Why don’t we hear more about the connection to Morgellons for example? And you don’t need Ivermetcin to treat something that doesn’t exist. The counter-narrative has also seemingly dropped the ball on exposing more about the Transhumanist angle of the jabs and solely focuses on the Genocide angle, which I also interpret as an intentional oversight. Then we have the truth truth, something which NO ONE respectable should ever claim to have in its entirety, but in this case is presented as an indisputably convenient binary choice: (1) TAKING JAB = GOOD….. OR (2)TAKING JAB = VERY VERY BAD. I’d go as far to say that ANY pharmaceutical product of ANY kind is synthetic poison and should never be given to any human being under any circumstances AND that most of the standards and practices of modern medicine are wholly anti-wellness, anti-human and profit-driven after having been infiltrated in the early 1900’s by bad actors, making the entire Healthcare industry pure pure evil and something to remove yourself from if you know what’s good for you. So yeah…JAB-ADABA-DOO = BAD-A-DABA-DOO.

You don’t even need to be a religious person who buys into the idea that the jabs ultimate purpose is to act as a soul-imprisoning “Divoc Box“, or have to take the time to read up on the endless studies and innumerable shocking and unflattering court cases that expose Big Pharma for the purely evil entity it is. All one ever had to do was take one look at who the loudest of the pro-vax messengers were in this case(decrepit soulless non-human politicians and billionaire philanthropists) in order to IMMEDIATELY come to the realization that you don’t want NO part in this shit(intentional grammatical infidelity). Count me the fuck out bro. Took me all but 5-6 days from the moment they officially announced and ushered Coronavirus(SARS-COV-2) onto the world stage and into our lives forever to realize that the whole thing was a scam and that getting one of these jabs would be one of the worst decisions one could make in what has been a long sad history of bad human decision-making. There are things much much much worse than death. Hit ’em with Revelation 9:6.


I mean are you kidding me? Only the dumbest of dumbest of the dumb should still be going along with notion that these jabs are “safe and effective”🤣😅😂 and that big pharma and our world leaders have your best interests at heart😅🤣😂. Just because there are a few prominent and obvious counter-narrative-peddling shills in the anti-vax community doesn’t suddenly annex or dissolve any of the glaring malevolence and obvious nefariousness inherent to any “vaccination” agenda, mandated or not, past, present or future. Vaccines shouldn’t exist in the first place and their risks(known and unknown) FAR outweigh ANY of the supposed benefits.

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Most of big pharmas products shouldn’t even exist, therefore most of the industry shouldn’t even exist. They pay for 75% of all television ADs and have established more political clout in the lobbying arena than Israel and China combined.

The pharmaceutical industry WILL bring about the end of humanity. Don’t be a idiot jackass. If I see you being a Vaxhole on social media or out in the real world I’m going to mess you up badly and embarrass you. I have nothing left to lose at this point and I’m damn good in confrontational scenarios. I’m not undefeated, but damn near close and I really just don’t give a fuck anymore. If it weren’t for a few of my subscribers I wouldn’t even be able to afford to keep the site up. I never imagined I’d ever be THAT poor again. LOL. I still got my soul though. Clutching onto it tighter than ever and no intention on shutting down the blog until they rip the keyboard(or s-pen in my case) from my cold dead fingers.

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