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Queen Lilibets Death Plans Leaked…AGAIN!!!

Rumble is definitely a disappointing platform and I have also had videos removed. Mostly anti-Trump content. It’s frustrating because they are the best for expeditiously being able to upload your videos, but I think I might have to start using one of the smaller and independent platforms 153news.net or UGETube. Kinninigan still seems to be on the Trump train though, so that’s a bit perplexing but I haven’t featured him in a while and the narrative surrounding the Queens death needs to be kept an eye on.

ODYSEE: https://odysee.com/@KinniniganZinUru:c/queen-lilibets-death-plans:a?r=DFh7mRNe9o1jVusQ3xob8v2k6dv3QLWi

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