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Just one of the Progenitors avatars being a total dick on Utube and trying to get you to do one of his crazy “blood over intent” rituals. He claims he doesn’t want money from you but instead he wants you to write out an oath covenant in blood on piece of parchment. Somehow he thinks that request makes him more credible and less creepy. Lol. It was interesting how he said that he thought he was being groomed to become the “Angel of Death”, which means that he’s not even #2 below the original creator God but probably #4 or #5. Who even knows? I remember Apollyon claiming in an episode of “Lucifer” that he was way more powerful than Lucifer as well. I bet there are also a good handful of elemental Cherubs that blow away the Progenitor of this place.

I wonder if YBD saw this? I don’t think he did. I haven’t yet watched the video but I did just read the part about the orgone-pucks needing to be buried next to the obelisks to shut down the frequency that they plan to use to steal our energy with. Lol. Gotta watch it now. I’m assuming they’ve been using these obelisks in this manner for a long long time. Though I’m pretty sure most of that stuff is antiquitech that no one knows how to use properly anymore. I’m a bit more worried about the 5G towers. But it’s just a little puck right?




THE #SATURNCUBE IS HERE ITS IN THE SKY BEHIND THE SUN IT IS IN OUR ATMOSPHERE it will open soon unleashing hell upon earth and sucking people up into it

EACH city or town has 30 obelisks , the obelisks are symbolic for satans penis and part of #operationmindfuck, the obelisks are antennas that broadcast satans saturncube-moon-matrix mind control frequencies across earth and stop humans from being able to see the aliens true form , the obelisks also stop humans from have telepathic abilities , EACH CITY EVERYCITY AROUND THE WORLD will have 30 obelisks , even the small towns will have an obelisk that sends mk ultra satanic mind control frequencies ans satanic curses from satan and lilith to everyone’s brains , the obelisks send curses and make people sick suck loosh steal your soul energy , these obelisk’s are used by the freemasons the freemasons have clubs in every city town and country in the world , these obelisks can be disabled by an ( orgone-puck ) all you have to do is bury an orgone by the obelisk and it will disable it . try to bury an orgone puck by every obelisk you see , if you can manage to get all 30 obelisks with orgone aka #orgonite in your city you can disable the mind control or at least severely weaken it , WE HAVE TO BURY ORGONE BY AS MANY obelisks as possible , it will stop freemasons and aliens sucking soul energy from everyone

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