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Does White Vinegar Really Dissipate Chemtrails, or Just More Counter-Narrative Disinfo? | Photo of CIA Chemtrail Apparatus w/ patent | CHEMTRAIL PSYOP: Fake Chemtrail Planes: Holographic Shapeshifters Hiding UFOs

Maybe I should look into installing some kind of white vinegar aqueduct system with a series of open-air canals that snake around and blanket the large property that I don’t have anyway, but would need if I did want to actually implement something like that in an attempt to proactively dissipate the nano-chemical-clouds in my immediate vicinity. Lol. Ok, that might be a bit much, supposedly just a few 5 gallon buckets left out around the property will do the trick, but in all honesty this entire “solution” to these Chemtrails seems a bit too good to be true and I’m not sure how vinegar would destroy semi-living synthetic nano-tech suspended in our atmosphere so seamlessly and efficiently like that.

Nevertheless, the threat to our health that these Chemtrails pose is not something we can afford to be complacent and/or condescending with others about. This kind of stuff needs to be taken much more seriously. This practice is easily one of the more fucked-up things that the controllers ever have or ever will do to humanity and we need to try to stop it. Morgellons is likely just the tip of the Chemtrail iceberg.

Disgraced ex-CIA chief John Brennan actually publicly admitted to spraying us with this stuff for goodness sakes(to fight “climate change”🤥 he says), yet most normies will still refer to the idea that we are being sprayed with any kind of suspended particulate material(nano-tech-infused or not) as “Conspiratorial” if/when someone dares to point it out or bring it up. Our skies are criss-crossed with these things more abundantly than ever.

I think we all need to start transitioning into more of a selfish survival mode of sorts and should stop expending any of our excess time or resources in trying to help others shake loose from the retardation and stunning lack of basic discernment that has enveloped so many and left seemingly smart people suddenly unable to see the clear and present dangers that lay ominously in front of them. Not our problem. The universe always gives you enough information to make the correct decisions in life, you just need to be of average intelligence, not pretentious, always willing to listen and keen on always remaining alert and aware of everyone and everything around you(Listen to Everyone. Trust No One.). Don’t just hang on the every word of a network news outlet(who’s #1 sponsor is Pfizer) like a gosh-damn super-dummy.

There is a chance that this White Vinegar remedy is simply one of the layers of Conspiratorial disinformation and just more New Age counter-narrative crap. You see how they do it? They try to discredit the whole concept by flooding the search terms with bad or frivolous info. You can see below that clarkzkent of Freedom.Social was not having it. Though I am still a bit suspect of him(like I am of most everyone) for his apparent obsession with blaming the Khazarian Mafia for everything and not focusing on cutting off the head of the snake and putting most of the blame where it belongs, on THE UNHOLY SEE: THE VATICAN! The Jesuits are the primary and most powerful of the human puppets used by the controllers. The Khazars are just one of their fall-groups that they can blame shit on when needed. They are pretty disgusting and easy to blame. It’s brilliant.


I hear we can use concentrated white vinegar to fight geo-engineering. It dissolves geo-manipulation and chemtrails, so I heard. It costs nothing, it’s worth a try.


“I know lots of people are tired of living in geo-engineered whiteout and chemtrailed skies, if that is you, fight back with white vinegar. Buy it, simmer to half the amount, then rebottle and put the open bottles of the much stronger solution outside (simmering removes most of the water content making a very strong vinegar solution). White vinegar releases huge volumes of negative acetate ions into the atmosphere which help to clear the clouds. Note: it clears the geo-engineered rainless clouds, it will not stop rain clouds. You can also bring the sun to your region using a humidifier and white vinegar. If you purchase stronger white vinegar online, just put the open bottles outside your home in the path of the sun, the vinegar will dissipate faster than water. This really can help get your region much more sunlight, so try it, before you deny it. In some of the videos, the people only used 5 percent white vinegar so the results are not as good, you must simmer it to CONCENTRATE IT for best results.When enough people start doing this they will not be able to block out our sun anymore. Also the sun can help heat your home cutting your heating bills dramatically, all for the low cost of a couple of litres of white vinegar.Watch a few of the videos to get an idea of how it works and see various methods of using it.Rod Bradshaw YouTube channel comment below as far as I am aware he is the first person to highlight its use:”Quote:”The science behind it is quite simple, acetic acid eats alkaline metals. The vinegar or acetic acid also produces huge volumes of negative ions into the atmosphere to counteract the positive ions generated by cell towers etc.”

Fake Chemtrail Planes: Holographic Shapeshifters Hiding UFOs

The below photo is also a bit suspect only because many of the aircraft that have been captured on film spraying these Chemtrails displayed many anomalous characteristics during flight that indicated they were using some kind of holographic “form-morphing” technology and were clearly much more advanced than anything currently known to the public and unlikely to be commercial aircraft. However our military does have aircraft outfitted with LCD screens that can take a picture of the sky above it and then display that image on the bottom of the aircraft, rendering the plane invisible to the naked eye from below. So similar technology to what’s been witnessed and filmed does exists within the U.S. Military’s current arsenal, but I’m not 100% convinced that that’s what’s going on here and that it’s solely the Military industrial complex that’s doing all the spraying. I think that might be another diversionary counter-narrative.

Photo of CIA Chemtrail Apparatus w/ patent

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