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Thats What IT is -RADIATION MATTERS | Agenda 2030: Jabadabadoo Contains Self-Assembling Nanotechnology That “Hacks” the Human Body & Brings an End to “Free Will”. | INVENTOR of mRNA says “DO NOT take VACCINE!!!”.

This Yuval Noah Harari character is about as obvious an Illuminati goon as it gets. Who talks like that? These people are so pretentiously smitten in the way they talk about “hacking” the human body and rewriting the brain and how “it’s inevitable” that we’ll all soon find it necessary to submit to a full blown Orwellian surveillance state that includes a live biometric feed that will be installed within ones living body tissue via self-assembling crystaline and Graphene Hydroxide-based nano-tech that is capable of literally fabricating a wireless communications array outfitted with a microprocessor, transistors, copper orbs, a power supply(your body’s metabolism) and all, that’s designed to run specific and “updatable” software that can be remotely controlled.

This new “operating system” now present inside of you would be capable of making modifications and “updates” to your actual Genome(Elon Musk bragged how “[sic]you could turn someone into a butterfly using mRNA technology) and would monitor and control the chemical composition of your body(your mood, energy levels, etc…) and all in real-time and in ways that would give them near absolute control of your “being”. I think their ultimate goal is to get you to agree to shed your physical body and have your consciousness transferred into the Metaverse. Count me out bro.

https://pin.it/6WdUkpV | Quantum Dot “Luciferaise” tattoo from “Jupiter Ascending”.

This is all part of Agenda 2030 and essential to their Transhumanist aspirations that they have for the human soul. The Mark of the Beast is most certainly going to resemble the Quantum Dot tattoo that you see in “Jupiter Ascending” and will be connected to the Digital Dollar and the Quantum powered blockchain that will run on the new 5G infrastructure. The Bible wasn’t kidding when they said you wouldn’t be able to buy or sell without the mark. Don’t let anyone try to tell you that the Mark will come in the form of an RFID chip. That’s old and antiquated technology by this point.


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