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Ukrainian Troops Vaporized by Advancing Russian Tank. I Thought the Russian Military Was the Inept One? | The Lies of WW2 are Being Recycled by the MSM in Despicable Fashion.

RUMBLE: https://rumble.com/v10p60k-inept-ukrainian-tank-infantry-blown-away-by-approaching-russian-tank.html via 4chan: https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/372199364

Watching a group of soldiers getting vaporized by a 125 mm 2A46 smoothbore armored tank shell is hardly funny and I’m not about to start taking sides in this contrived shit-show of a proxy war between the EL-ites and neither should you. But what I do find comical is how the lamestream media has been attempting to portray the Russian troops as the inept and poorly trained fighting force of the two. If you know anything about the Russian military you’d realize how laughable a claim like that is. The media has gone as far as to claim that Putin’s Generals have been forced to brazenly lie to him during briefings and field updates about their progress in order to cover up their glaring ineptitude and hide the fact that the Ukrainian army has been kicking their asses. As if MSNBC has a fly on a the wall relaying them this information in real-time and spying on what would be very secretive meetings between Russian leadership and its top military brass. Yeah…. ok Mika and Murdering Joe(A Marxist and a Murderer)… whatever you say.

Reminds me of the narrative they put out about Hitler during WW2 and how his commanders supposedly continuously lied to him throughout the war about what was happening out in the field in order to satiate his tyrannical ego and delusional disposition. Give me a break. How could anyone claim to know what was said and what took place during Hitlers meetings with his military commanders out in some random and remote bunker somewhere in Germany.

All Bolshevik propaganda, just like the Holocaust lies that began pouring out of Stalin’s Russia after they had finished off the last of the German military at the end of the war. You can’t believe that crap. The Commie Bolsheviks murdered 20 million Russians(I’ve heard estimates MUCH higher) during the war and then after brutally raping and murdering as many surviving German civilians as they could, had the audacity to turn around and to lie to the rest of the world about how 6 million “Jews” were murdered in concentration camps by the Nazis, all in order to divert attention from their war crimes. What does a Jew do after murdering 20 million people? Brazenly claim that 6 million of their people were also murdered when they weren’t.

This “Big Lie” has been propped up over the years with fabricated propaganda pieces like the thoroughly laughable “Diary of Anne Frank” which has been eviscerated by honest Academics and Historians as a sloppy hoax that was thrown together by Anne’s father immediately following the end of war. Much higher quality propaganda pieces like “Schindler’s List” have since followed suit in order to add some additional dramatic theatrical padding to their despicable lies that’s designed to pull on your heart strings in ways that could cause one to violently lash out at someone like me who may see through the bullshit and decide to try to point this out to others(usually unsuccessfully). It was other honest Jews who were the ones to mostly expose the lies of the Holocaust by the way.

Jews Who Say the Holocaust is a Hoax | The Diary of Anne Frank is a Fraud & Was Written by Her Father -FRINGE CULTURE

RUMBLE: https://rumble.com/v10pbtj-the-last-days-of-the-big-lie.html

Even if it were true that 6 million Jews were murdered(its not), then ok, the Bolshevik still murdered not than 3 times that many. So what the heck? Most people don’t even know about that little inconvenient WW2 factoid. And it looks like they are once again recycling the same tactic by now blaming the Russian military for atrocities committed by Ukrainian militants and for atrocities that were staged by crisis actors. Accusing ones enemies of what they themselves are guilty of might be their favorite thing in the world to do.

Why Russia isn’t hiding its atrocities in UkraineMSNBC | Zelenskyy says Russians deporting thousands to campsMSNBC.

Are the Russians really the “bad guys” here? Video shows “Azov” militants terrorizing civilians in Dnepropetrovsk. (BELOW)

(VIDEO BELOW) Ukrainian terrorists during interrogation tell how they killed civilians in Mariupol. One killed a woman because she did not want to go with him to another room. Another killed a man because he refused to say the word “polyanitsa”, which means bread in Ukrainian.

RUMBLE: https://rumble.com/v10pfu9-ukrainian-militants-admits-to-murdering-civilians-in-mariupol.html

Maria Butina Says Zelensky a Nazi, Ukrainian Military Attacking Citizens -NEWSWEEK

Mind you, they’ve been portraying Putin in the exact same way that they portrayed Hitler during his war and have decided the recycle the exact same lies because that’s how unimaginative and useless these parasites are and that’s how little they think of us.

Don’t get me started on the way they’ve been portraying PeeWee Zelensky Herman complete with his gay porn dance moves and dick-piano playing skills as this heroic and benevolent revolutionary leader who is just a regular guy trying to save the world from a tyrannical overlord. Though always remember that Putin is a puppet too and this whole thing has been designed for the clown world stage.


And how ironic is it that Zelensky is a Nazi himself and has been brazenly wearing the Nazi Iron Cross and has even publicly apologized for the militant Nazi groups in Ukraine who have been supposedly fighting the Russians for him. Though it looks more like they’ve just been terrorizing civilians and not actually “fighting” anyone.

These synchronicities/recycled storylines could also be evidence of the fractal showing itself. Had to put that out there as a possibly. Shout out to Uncanny Deduction. Love that guy. He’s Swedish NOT French by the way. Lots of people still mistakenly refer to him as the French fractal guy(Matt at QoC… he’s Swedish bro!).

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