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Satan’s Celebrity Apprentice – The Real Game of Thrones | THE TAKEDOWN OF THE CABAL FROM A TO Z (CHARLIE FREAK) JULY 2020

The above pro-Q pro-Trump video from 2020 had a ton of good insights, but is ultimately flawed in its admiration of Q and Big T and obviously off the mark on their prediction that this would all be disclosed to the public in 2021. He got a lot of stuff right though, so lets start with that.

He accurately points out how it’s in fact the Vatican and the ancient Phoenician bloodlines that are the most powerful of the families of human puppets who do the bidding of the Parasites and control so much of world’s wealth and how the Zionist Jews are merely a facade and invention of the Jesuit Order and by no means the main players at all. I also like how he refers to the Illuminati bloodlines as “The Phoenicians”. The “phony” Phoenicians.

He also points out the fallacy of logic that exists in worshipping a Caucasian Swiss-looking Jesus Christ figure instead of just worshipping God directly. Not enough people are suspicious enough of the JeZues character who’s represented and revered as the image of a man that’s been skewered and nailed up on a cross. Why aren’t more suspicious of this. We are being mocked.

But I don’t understand how he can just assume Trumps benevolence despite all the tell-tale marks of his obvious loyalties to dark occult Satanic forces. All this dirt that so many have been expecting to come out about the likes of Tom Hanx and his other celebrity Adrenochrome guzzling and child-murdering pals has yet to materialize despite constant assurances of public disclosure. Unless Trump is literally the deepest of deep cover moles in the history of the existence of this “Cabal” and he was approached and “flipped” years ago by someone in the D.O.D. and they’ve been playing the long long game for decades and have countless other deep cover celebrities and politicians working for them, I don’t buy into the notion that these “White Hats” led by Trump represent a an actual singularly human centric and good intentioned collaboration, free of any nefariousness. It’s definitely New Age crap catered to the One World Everything concept. Med Beds? Are you fucking kidding me? You’re smart enough to stay away from the jab but then you’re going to go ahead and get inside a Trump “Med Bed”?

Probably Alexandra probably does the best job at explaining why the Q “Dark to Light” message is nothing but New Age deception and a catalyst for the One World Everything system.

BITCHUTE: https://www.bitchute.com/video/R5536JmJRChf/

BITCHUTE: https://www.bitchute.com/video/gXZIJPrw2ISr/

As far as Q is concerned, I understand that there is a difference between the original military Intel drops from the 4chan/8kun account that called itself “Q” and what’s known as “Qanon” which is a hijacked cointelpro counter-movement that was designed to muddy the fuck out of the waters and might have been the ones controlling the second 8kun account that claimed it was the original “Q” and continued the operation after going dark for a while. So the original “Q” probably was the D.O.D. in my opinion and much of what they technically said and claimed to have done look to be fairly legit. Trump did do a world tour of solicitation of submission from so many of the most powerful world leaders, including the Pope(the head of the snake).

But “Q” is still an obvious PsyOp and part of a New Age agenda compatible with the New World Order that’s coming one way or another. Q, with all its talk of St. Germaine, NESARA and a One World Financial system and even One World Government is a painfully obvious ploy to create an angle to get certain people(Christians, Conservatives) on board with the NWO. Trump oversaw the creation of the damn jabs for Christ sake!

He claims that all the censorship against Conservatives and this insane push we’ve been seeing of so many ass-backwards Progressive policies coming from the Globalist-left, the mainstream media and big tech are all part of the plan to “piss people off enough to wake-up”. I just refuse to believe that. If they really were in charge then they could, would and should be trying to make things better and not letting these evil people continue to pull this crap.

Who cares if one group of Occultists just murdered a huge group of other rival and also evil Occultists? They are still all snakes. Both sides have sworn allegiance to this “Red Dragon” long ago.

BITCHUTE: https://www.bitchute.com/video/n1y1T0qQWgFy/

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