2020 Election, Cabal Arrests & Executions, Manchurian Joe, Q is a psyop, Your Watching a Movie

Saudi Arabia TV Makes Fun of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

The whole world has been making fun of them, not just the Saudis. I’m still pretty sure that both the real Joe and Hunter Biden are long dead and gone after having been executed by Big T a while back. Manchurian Joe is played by a cast of silicone mask wearing impostors while Kamal Aroush Harris is probably also dead since it looks like there are multiple versions of that piece of shit too, some of which are completely possessed by the AntiChrist Legion Spirit apparently. LMFAO. What a world. Just look at those eyes!

We are watching a white hat movie: the 2021 USA Inc Joe Biden Presidency– HUMOROUS MATHEMATICS

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