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Trump Has Been Born & Bred to be the Tip of the Spear & to Usher in the NWO. It’s the Masonic Hegelian Dialectic & Order Out of Chaos.

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Many are losing trust in the current order,

This is by design so when the Antichrist usurps that order many will accept his new Beast system.

This is why it seems the current system is against him and is falling apart.

It's the Masonic Hegelian Dialectic & Order Out of Chaos.

Remember that Donald literally means “world ruler” in Celtic Gaelic and Trump meaning “the usurping ace.”

Donald Trump has been groomed since birth to be the “Chosen One” who will usurp the Old Order and bring about the New World Order.

The elite 2019 Viareggio Parade in Italy featured a massive living image of Trump.

The Trump statue held a flaming sword that read "Dazi Vostri" meaning "Your Duties".

His duties as the Masonic “Trump Card” is to usurp the current order and build the New Luciferian Order.

This is also why he is cryptically placed as the “Tip of the Spear” in the New York Military Academy.

This matches The Trump family Coat of Arms, which features a spear ascending through a gateway.

The back reads “many men passed through these portals.”

It was imperative for the Masonic Champion to have the full support of American Christians and Evangelicals.

The Antichrist must deceive Believers, and over 50% of Christians believe Trump is ‘anointed by God.'

The strong delusion is the idea that Trump will save us in some way

This is why he lost the 2020 election which he still has not conceded to.

This is all by design.

The “stolen election” is all theater by the Masonic Order with everyone choosing a side that ultimately have the same goal.

Elections were never real in the first place.

The Antichrist MUST have his authority stripped of him for a time per Daniel 7:4.

Here is a great breakdown of this in Scripture by Leeland Jones.

It is apparent that this everything is utterly falling apart following the departure of Donald Trump from the White House.

Likely, Donald Trump will return either in 2024 or before, and be seen as the "savior" who fixes the system by destroying the old and bringing in the new.

On September 27 2018 Donald Trump speaks at the United Nation Headquarters in New York, New York seen underneath a large image depicting the Phenix Beast Rising.

The Phenix Rising symbolizes Resurrection and "Order out of Chaos."

Destruction and Rebirth.

In Freemasonry, the Double-Headed Eagle is symbolic in it's representation of Ordo Ab Chao.

(Order Out Of Chaos)

It is the Culmination of Hegelian Dialectic.

Problem, Reaction, Solution.

They create the problem, they amplify the Reaction, and implement their Solution.

The Emblem for Donald Trump's International Golf also displays the double-head Eagle.

The man in the second picture is infamous 33rd Freemason and Confederate General Albert Pike, who wrote the dogmatic book "Morals & Dogma," illustrating how Order out of Chaos will be used.

The two headed Eagle is Baphomet according to Crowley

In chapter 33 of the infamous occultist, Aleister Crowley's "Book of Lies",

Crowley calls the two-headed eagle 'Baphomet.'

On July 25th 2019, Donald Trump spoke at an event with a Double-Headed eagle rather than the official the Presidential Seal.

They claim this was a "Google-related mistake."

But we know these things do not happen by mistake.

Everything that we see happening now is simply setting the stage for Donald Trumps "Great Return" to the World Stage.

The Media is already releasing much predictive programming about "The second coming" of Donald Trump.

My friends, do not allow yourself to be deceived.

All the world is a stage.

Anyone who understands the level of power that the Masonic Brotherhood and other secret societies had on our country should understand that no one becomes president unless they were selected to be.

I understand that many who are reading this have put a lot of hope and strong emotions behind Trump and his movement.

But understand that this is by design to accept the Beast and his coming Beast system.

Christians, we are who the Devils works extra hard for, to deceive us.

Many who do not understand these mysteries say that Donald Trump has "Awakened" many to the corruption of the Deep State Cabal.

This is correct, but it is this way by design.

They must make the Christian aware of the Darkness so they may provide them with the False Light.

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Take the time to look at the information you haven't seen before.

Many will say the things i speak of to be "Blackpilling" or "hopeless."

My friends, if you had your hope in this world, then this is where you were deceived in the first place.

Our Hope is in the soon Return of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Not in man, nor in this world.

Remember that God is Sovereign over His creation, and His Will and Authority triumphs over all.

Lucifer and the Fallen Angels rebelled against the Lord because they see God as an evil, controlling, tyrant.

And they believe that it is WE who are the masters of our own destiny.

My friends, we will never make heaven on earth.

This world is fallen and shall be until the very end.

It is only after this world ends that there is a NEW Heaven and a NEW earth that shall be made perfect.

So do not trust in man's plan to build Babylon to reach the heavens.

Trust in God's plan as it is written in the Holy Bible.

Fear not, Our Lord is with us until the very end.

Originally tweeted by Donnie Darko (@DonnieDarkened) on April 12, 2022.

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