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Watch the Water | Is Covid a Synthetic Form of Customized Snake Venom That Has Been Introduced Into Our Water Supply?

The PLAN-demic continues, but its origins are still a nefarious mystery. How did the world get sick, how did Covid really spread, and did the Satanic elite tell the world about this bioweapon ahead of time? Dr. Bryan Ardis (www.ardisantidote.com) has unveiled a shocking connection between this pandemic and the eternal battle of good and evil which began in the Garden of Eden.

There were many that had speculated that the jab bioweapon was a kind of symbolic snake bite of sorts. The EL-ites are Serpent Seeds after all and we’ve had to assume for obvious reasons that this was all about the Mark of the Beast and polluting God’s original creation like the Serpent from the Garden of Eden did whey he seduced Lilith and Eve.

Trump was brought in to deliver this venemous snake bite and that’s exactly what he did by overseeing the creation of the vaccine and Operation Warp Speed, complete with his snake bite signature/sigil and all. But it seems that the snake bite connotation was actually much more literal than we first thought.

According to Dr. Ardis Covid-19 is made from synthesized peptid proteins from the snake venom of Cobras and Crates and has been introduced into our water supply as a way of spreading it. These proteins are designed to target certain demographics via certain organs apparently.

I don’t think that this new theory is now coming onto the scene only as a diversionary narrative and to throw us off the scent and away from the Radiation/5G angle as far as the actual cause of the Covid symptoms. The mRNA technology built into the jab is designed to propagate or enhance this synthetic snake venom poison. It’s a damn strong theory when you consider the evidence presented here.

The part about the nicotine receptors that the spike proteins were targeting being unable to bind correctly in smokers was quite the shock in that I never thought I would ever see any kind of benefit from being a smoker for most of my adult life. It certainly explains why I have never gotten any symptoms despite being around numerous people who did develop Covid symptoms and supposedly had it. I actually haven’t gotten sick in 25 years though.

Below is an EntertheStarz video where he calls Trump “the snake to deliver the snake bite”(which at the time he assumed was the jab) and how his signature resembles the snake bite.


Source: https://s3.wasabisys.com/public-videos/play.html#c=EntertheStars&v=EntertheStars/WARP_SPEED_Seal_OPENS_CHAKRAS-do25R7XC4UU


BITCHUTE: https://www.bitchute.com/video/8LqO21QXh09U/

Main character’s first name is Clark ( can be related to Superman. Last name griffin ( mythical creature) .. a griffin is also associated with the element of mercury .. mercury is said to be symbolic as the messenger ( Hermès in Greek. Who carries the caduceus ) .. ( also mercury use to be used in “POTIONS” during the Spanish Fl) and it may be possibly used in today’s age of the sticker …

See what 4chan has to say about it. Lol.




  1. urbandumpsterdiver

    I looked up some of the symptoms of venom poisoning. The ones that stood out was necrosis of limbs, blood clots and diaphragm paralysis. Which has happened to people who took the jab. So quite possibly the venom is in some vaccines, not all.

  2. Someone else posted about this snake venom hypothesis just the other day but without any data. So your post just now with the video link has really put it together for me. I think we’ve finally cracked COVID-19! All the loose threads come together with this theory. Thank you.

    • Comment by post author

      I’m a tad suspicious of course. Could be cointelpro disinfo, but that dead Chinese scientist was pretty compelling and it did fill in a lot blanks. I’m also a smoker so this definitely caught my attention at the least. I haven’t gotten sick in 25 years though. Not since childhood after getting my adenoids taken out and being sick a lot as a child with constant ear infections. If my smoking habit really has somehow spared me from malice here, that would be pretty damn ironic and awesome.

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