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The Curse of Being Born & The Freak Show on Earth Called Life Pt. 1 & 2

Just came across this blog for the first time(warning to all bloggers not to rely on the free hosting solution as they will delete your site without hesitation and without warning or merit. The only reason I was able to retrieve most of my old posts was because I charmed the customer service representative over the phone and asked for a favor).

This blog has a bunch of tremendous pieces on the Demiurge and the false God of this world who’s identity can be a bit convoluted. I’m certainly not on board with the specific facets of the Gnostic mythos that claim Lucifer is actually one of the “good” guys. I can see how he might actually be a totally neutral “non-bad” guy who symbolically represents one side of what is the inherent dualistic elemental toroidal vortex(yin / yang) ☯️ that vibrates our 3D reality of space and time into being and creates what our senses interpret as “reality”.


The Curse of Being Born & The Freak Show Called Life Pt. 2

The Dark Lord

God is The True & Ultimate EvilThe World is a Flaw

Anytime you point a finger at somebody else…there are always three pointing right back at you (that is if you didn’t lose any fingers).


The Freak Show on Earth


Before you entered the world stage and fully put on your costume of flesh to take part in the freak show on Earth, you were pure. You (we) came from a purity so pure that human thought cannot possibly nor sufficiently think of it. The Purity is beyond human thought.

The Burden & The Body is a Prison & Your Birth is a Prison Sentence


Unfortunately in a sense, next thing comes and you’re born into a corruption and sooner or later you become corrupt yourself. You enter a corrupt world, a prison planet and you now carry a physical burden.
You now have this hideous, wretched, vomit inducing, fleshy prison of a thing called a human body!

The human body is such a wretched, annoying, disgusting, burdensome pain in the ass (pun intended and no pun intended). The 7 senses of the body drown you in the sensations of the world. Without a body, nothing is what it seems to be down here. It’s not even real. They only become real when the senses convey outside world to you. You only know something is what it is until you sense it.

Reminds me of a part I read in the Holographic Universe where it was supposed that nothing really is what it is unil you’re actually looking at it or sensing it.

If you don’t see it, hear it, touch it taste it, or feel it…how else would you even know that it’s there?

Now let’s Continue

The body

  • Urinates
  • Defecates,
  • Vomits,
  • Eats,
  • Drinks,
  • Sneezes,
  • Coughs,
  • Cries,
  • Smells when you don’t clean it,
  • Your mouth smells from the bacteria,
  • it gets sick,
  • Gets old (if it lasts that long)
  • and dies.

Do you have fun pissing and shitting all the time? Most people would probably throw up if they saw what their insides looked like. A blob of flesh that’s nothing more than a prison. People try to beautify the prison with make up, beauty products, clothes, shoes, glasses, perfumes, colognes, teeth bleaching, skin bleaching (Dark skinned self hatred), excessive tanning (Light skin self hatred), hair styles and so.

You can’t decorate and paint the walls of prison all that you’d like, but it doesn’t change the fact that you’re still in prison.

To hell with whatever racial group you belong to, your nationality, gang, society or any other foolish group you identify with as a human is a farce on a human level. It’s all human bullcrap.

It doesn’t matter what you do to beautify a prison because at the end of the day a prison is still a goddamn prison. You can decorate the walls in your cell all you want to, but at the end of the day it does not change the fact that you’re still behind bars and that’s part of the main problem. The body is a massive aggregation of atoms vibrating so fast that it appears to be solid, so it’s a paradox to call anything truly physical.

People aren’t beautiful or ugly… they just are what they are. The human body is a walking machine of putrid feces. Just because someone is beautiful externally does not mean they are the same on the ‘inside’. Beauty and vanity is superficial and to an extent very meaningless.

You can think you’re this or that because you have lighter skin or whatever stupid things you believe  that makes you physically more attractive…deep down your ugly. Whatever you consider beautiful or not is just a matter of opinion. An opinion is not a fact.

The biggest issue is that many of us believe that we are human and nothing but human. The very fact that we are human and believe that’s all we are is our biggest problem. You humanity is your biggest problem.

It doesn’t matter how beautiful, smart, or intelligent you think you are nor how many college  degrees (Pieces of paper) you have. Until you realize that being human is the problem then nothing else really matters in a sense.

What do I mean by your humanity?

  • Its the part of you that thinks you are nothing more than a human.
  • The part of you that identifies with the body and thinks that whatever is said to or happens to the body is personal. Nothing is personal because you’re having a human experience on earth. This person that you think you are isn’t even real.


  • Your humanity is that part of you that feels bad when your hear about something tragic on the news for example and it tugs at your heart. Those emotions you feel are just feelings, emotions. Your emotions aren’t even real. Its a human thing.
  • You can never truly be happy, sad, depressed, get your feelings hurt, feel disrespected, feel hot, cold and so on. You only experience these things, but these emotions and feelings aren’t WHO YOU ARE!
  • Your aren’t anger, but you experience anger through a body.


(There is No Such Thing As a Question Without an Answer)

But beyond your human thinking. When you see or hear something tragic happen to  someone and you feel bad for them or even yourself (Having a pity party)…

How do you know whether or not they or you deserved it?

Have you ever wondered…“What if they or you deserved it?”

Have you ever wondered the possibility that you (as well as anybody else) aren’t down here on earth against your will and that you actually agreed to all of this?

What if you agreed to this?

What if that person you’re feeling sorry for actually agreed to their life?

  1. They chose the family that they’d be born into.
  2. They chose where they’d be born.
  3. They chose how they would live and
  4. They knew how they would die.

Someway somehow they just managed to forget when their personality began to develop. Just because you don’t remember something doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen. Can you remember what happened to you 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 weeks ago? What about what happened 7 hours ago or even 2 mintues ago? How much do you really remember?

 Could this be a possibility?

I’m not telling you…you figure it out…you are all you have anyway. Nobody can ‘save’ you but yourself.

  • Your “Race’ can’t save you!
  • Your Country can’t save you
  • Your Mother can’t save you
  • Your Father can’t save you
  • Not the President
  • Your Political Party Can’t save you
  • Not the Politician
  • Not your next door neighbor
  • Not the cat down the street
  • Not the priest
  • Not the preacher
  • Nobody can save you but you

Your parents aren’t really even your parents. They just did what was necessary to start the process of your body developing. You’re mostly related to them only in a physical sense.

This physical reality, this physical world is a flaw.

But you chose your parents. So all you have to look at is yourself.

God? Demiurge?

If there is a God…then why feel bad? Why get emotionally invested in anything? Especially when you realize that your emotions aren’t even real. Your emotions come and go.

Obviously…this God allowed the events on earth to happen and this God being a God…would know more than our Human brains can understand.

They say “God” works in mysterious ways.

And if this God is really God…then this God makes no mistakes. How can God make a mistake?

So if this God makes no mistakes…

  • is there really such a thing as an accident?
  • is there really such a thing as chance?
  • Is there really such a thing as a coincidence?

So if this God, Demiurge or whatever it may be allowed this world and everything it in to happen…then why not look at God, Get angry at God instead of other people?

Why blame other people for your problems?

Maybe look at yourself? Maybe this God is actually a piece of you that’s experiencing itself as a human?

  • Your humanity is that part of you that wants to ‘save’ the world
  • Feed the hungry
  • Help the poor
  • Get angry at the ‘illuminati”
  • You want to go green
  • You hate this or that person
  • You hate group or that group

I’m not implying that you shouldn’t care about helping people or anything like that. Maybe…that’s your purpose being here.

  1. But no matter how much you want to save this or that….at the end of the say they can only save themselves.

You can lead a horse to the water but you can’t make it drink. 

2. No matter how much you hate this group or that group….you’re only getting angry at yourself. What you see in others is just a reflection of yourself. You’re the one who cares enough to get upset. You chose to get angry.

If nothing is personal…then your hate and anger toward anybody has nothing to do with them, but more to do with YOURSELF.

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