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SNAKE PETERS SAYS COVID IS REAL & IT’S ONLY A SNAKE IN THE WATER | Remember When Q Used to Say: “Watch the Water”? Coincidence? Please….

When it comes to choosing sides, usually I’ll default to the party that has made the best case for being an actual legit real individual human personality up to that point over the more pragmatic and contrived popular alt-news brands like the Stew Peters Show in this case. The person behind Morgellons Live is constantly calling out the cointelpro counter-narrative Gatekeeper channels like the Stew Peters or Del Bigtrees of the community and she makes a good point. Everyone needs to just take a step back and pause to evaluate. There still might be something useful and authentic to learn from this latest theory, but we must ask ourselves, where has this guy been and why now?

I also HAVE to point out that Q used to always famously say: “Watch the Water“. So yeah, there IS that. Couldn’t not point that out despite my feelings on Q in general and my hesitancy to endorse this new synthetic snake venom theory.

So as compelling as the now viral “Watch the Water” documentary was, it should have also been immediately suspicion-raising too see such an unique and sensational theory come flying out of left field like this seemingly out of nowhere and gain so much early traction and support the way it has. They usually wouldn’t let something that was directly over the target go viral like that. These are all things that you have to use your own discernment for. I’m not speculating any further and I’m especially not about to start dealing in absolutes and asserting the legitimacy of one theory over another. I’m still pretty sure that there is no such thing as “Covid”, but we are talking about a set of symptoms here and there are many ways to trigger certain physiological reactions in the human body that aren’t neccessary associated with a specific disease.

It’s not like it changes much for people like us anyway, other than it’s warning not to drink the water, something you shouldn’t have been doing to begin with with all the damn Fluoride that we know they put in it. Who drinks tap water anymore anyway? Though most of us do at the least take showers in what’s deemed as “city water” for those of us who don’t have our own fresh groundwater wells. If this municipal water supply has indeed been tainted and poisoned with these synthetic snake venom peptides then we might find it prudent to stop using it and possibly look into getting a water filtration system(most of those filtration systems are a scam BTW) or look into possibly drilling your own fresh water well. In many places there are still vast reservoirs of clean fresh water that’s just sitting beneath the earth’s crust and that can be accessed with relative ease in most places still and even in vast desert regions.

BITCHUTE: https://www.bitchute.com/video/DJnZeFLJoLmN/

SNAKE PETERS , the Snake distracting so the Scorpion is missed , the expert who snuck in like a thief in the night , has already dis missed Morgellons which is BioWeapons that the Vector Trips your pre existing conditions . Sure they have used snake venom but they are also using scorpion venom , Focus on the Snake , We Miss the Scorpion.

They have used so many things on you it is impossible to keep up with the evil taking place . I will continue my work as the Shills keep telling you it is all snake , I assure you this is not the case.

Demon Hunter continues to Gatekeep MorgellonsLive channel stealing & mimicking all content to mislead & mis inform using a network of fakes desperate to control the narrative , all are fake Christians.

Demon Hunter stole my Medusa work & made such a mess with babbling comics & movie trailers I did not complete , Snakes are the Lesser Medusa’s , the Naga’s in India call themselves the Snake People , this work then moves onto the Scorpion which I shall continue from this point.

Demon Hunter has never mentioned Scorpions , wonder who will be put on duty to take this work which is then taken by Demon , It wasn’t me , I just mirrored a video , yeah , just like my work on Hydra I linked to Morgellons & exposed , Demon then took the work (of course its turned into babble) just like Demon waited until my The Thing exposure & connecting work & stole that.

Every post on MorgellonsLive channel predates this parasite. the Gatekeeper began the trolling years ago on Utube posting all my videos as Demons videos , I still have over seven thousand subs on utube , I have comments open , go post a question to my subs because they all witnessed the channel raping .

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