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Was One of the Subway 🔫 Victims Wearing a Bullet Proof Vest? | He Got Away Huh?

The shooter got away huh? The initial reports were that the shooter was 5 foot 5 and 160 lbs. That’s not the only inconsistency here. This is one of the more brazen and laughable FF’s of the year. The footage of everyone pouring out of the subway car looked about as staged as it gets. These FF’s are so abundant and easy point to out that I almost regret even having spent time collating this post, as if anyone reading this needed me to convince them that this was a Crisis Actor-saturated event of the most putrid variety. A day after the “Ghost Gun” speech by Biden? C’mon man. Fuck off with this whack ass shit. Why does the quality level of these events seem to be going down? You’d think they would have had enough practice by now to not make them so embarrassingly obvious at face value.

I wonder what Matt at QoC thinks about this? I bet he’s graduated to no longer acknowledging these Carnival side-shows. He was just talking about Sahndy Huk the other day —–> Documenting His-Story – Sandy Hook

Exactly Blake Masters…. 👇👇👇👇👇👇 even though this subway shooting suspect was probably MK-Ultra’d up the wazoo and the operation didn’t require the incompetent assistance of the Cerdos federales de América this time around.

I think they might have set off this explosion to maybe clear people out of an area, but I think the below clip was taken in Manhattan.

The 33-laden Boulder incident was especially low quality as well. You don’t exactly attract the cream of the crop talent-wise when you recruit Crisis Actors to play these roles. Lol.

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