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“Each perpetuation of life increases the domain of death”. God is The True & Ultimate Evil, The World is a Flaw. God (demiurge) is a Plagiarizer & The World is a Flaw The Dark Lord

More proof that this Godyale / Ra / Cernnunos / Janus / Kronos / Baal / Yahweh / Saturn figure is the Progenitor of the Demiurge we currently find ourselves imprisoned within.

“Each perpetuation of life increases the domain of death”.

God is The True & Ultimate Evil, The World is a Flaw

Never thought about it like that. Could the nature of the dualistic system that’s vibrating our current dimensional substrate into existence really be that evil?

The good news is that this entity must be plagiarizing someone, so that makes the Creator God very much real.


God (demiurge) is a Plagiarizer & The World is a Flaw The Dark Lord | July 13, 2020

God is The True & Ultimate Evil, The World is a Flaw

God (demiurge) is a Plagiarizer & The World is a FlawThe Dark LordJuly 13, 2020God is The True & Ultimate Evil, The World is a Flaw

Beyond just the pretty pictures in Egypt, they were talking about dying. They were talking about a greater reality than this one that we’re currently existing in and connecting it to how it showed up on the planet.The created world of the demiurge/God/Yahweh/Allah or whatever else name he or it is called, is an illusion. The world is a reflection of a reflection. As above so below. This created world is just the disastrous copy of something greater.This is part of the reason why God/demiurge is called the false god and a plagiarizer.

Many people seem to romanticize ancient cultures and ancient Egyptian culture as well. Ultimately, it was about getting up off the plant and never coming back. The true life after death. Life on this planter is death.The body is a walking corpse and a human is nothing more than an animal with a intellect.

It was joyous to leave this world. So it is fine when people perish in natural disasters. If you want to pity somebody then pity the people who are still on the planet living I’m human bodies. Through death you are free of this place. The people who perished in an earthquake are free from this place. They are free from this prison.The false god feeds off of fear. Fear of death causes you to further endure this hell hole and just by having aspirations of wanting to remain here furthers the demiurges plans and gives further justification to this flawed world that should have NEVER even been thought of!Yaldabaoth

Yaldaboath is the demiurge and it created man which is an imitation of something greater.Planetary destiny is a failed work. There is nothing in this reality that you can find perfection in.The Gnostics chose everything that was unorthodox. Your agreement with this place is actually your problem.Begin to challenge your own thinking and what you call “normal”. Break out of your shackles. A slave was built on routine and dependability. For example; people rushing to work every morning just to get there on time or that rude asshole at work who feels like he/she’s the shit because they got promoted to a manager position or get employee of the month.

A chicken thinks that it has a life and cow does as well. Their whole purpose is to feed you. They don’t know anything better.So for the demiurge, the whole purpose of a human and human thought is to feed it. You feed your jailer (god) or overlord when you do everything human. Your agreement with this place keeps on your shackles and you remain in the slaughterhouse to feed the demiurge.

Each perpetuation of life increases the domain of death. With the birth of a new baby, you bring along death with you. Each time you bring a good deed, it has an absolute opposite that must show up. So a bad deed must come with it. There’s no pleasure without pain.Each time you help an old lady down the stairs, somewhere on the planet and old lady doesn’t get help down the stairs.For the good things you do, the other polarity follows it somewhere. You can’t have one without the other in this world. It is a flaw.

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