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Stew Snake Peters: A Scorpion in the Grass | Trump: A Snake in the Grass | New Age Update on NESARA/GESARA, Quantum Financial System & Pending Arrests

David Knight’s take on ‘Watch The Water’:https://www.bitchute.com/video/8IJgM7G3Gwvs/

Jeff Rense & Dr. Erica Khan also concur that this is pure BS:https://mediaarchives.gsradio.net/rense/special/rense_041322_hr3.mp3

Looks like Dr. Bryan Ardis really shot himself in the foot with this. He’s been taking a lot of heat. And Stew Peters, Mike Adams, & Alex Jones have all had their credibility further damaged as well.

Usually the universe will provide you with all the information one needs to make the most informed choice. Thanks to Primordilian Fresno for always having such fire information and for immediately queuing this from his archives and posting it. TO2 even had his own synchronicity with Scorpion Stew.

I present to you, homie Peters slinging out Illuminati gang signs. Thug Life. “I used to beat up people just like you, just for coming around my way“(some of you will get it). I even see what resembles a crowned serpent 🐍 on his hoodie. Now Mr. Peters can politely fuck right off my RSS Feed. Morgellons Live was right.


I remember a while back when I had called-out Big T on Twitter(one of the only reasons I think I still haven’t been officially banned from there yet[I am thoroughly shadow-banned though])for throwing-out these same Satanic gang signs(ALL the time), a hardcore “Patriot” rushed into my tweet to try to explain that they teach you to use those specific hand signs in “speech school” as training on tricks for garnering the audience’s attention during public speaking engagements or some shit. As much as that explanation lacks credibility, it was one of the more creative attempts I had seen to try to explain away Big T’s obvious posturing of undying loyalty and allegiance to the Dragon. Trump is from the Tribe of Dan.


You can trust Big T if you want. I mean, I don’t trust anyone but I’m definitely not getting into one of those NESARA Med-Beds or signing up for any Quantum Dot tattoo synced up to any blockchain all so I can have my share of the St. Germaine cryptocurrency. And I’m still waiting for this RV(Revaluation) that I was promised and sitting on a half million Iraqi Dinar like a jackass. Does the Galactic Federation of New Age Retardation have anything to say about that? Did you know that the New Age community is going around saying that Trump is secretly married to Princess Diana behind the scenes? 🤣😂🤣


Listening to some of these New Age channels talk about how we are going to have to “get over” the obvious similarities between the “Mark of the Beast” and the upcoming Quantum Financial system that is inevitably coming alongside NESARA if in fact it ever does materialize(not convinced) is pretty surreal.

JFK Jr. likely ALSO has loyalties to extremely dark forces, so don’t give me that “John John” shit and if he does come back from the dead and assume some kind of One World leadership role, then he most certainly is the AntiChrist we were forewarned of.


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