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Cops in the News 2022 – JUNKYARD NEWS | A cop chokes a woman to stop her from telling her husband’s information | When Cops Get Owned: COMPILATION

The insane pig misconduct stories are still as abundant than ever but it’s not healthy for me to feature them as often as I had been, but I was due. The /PublicFreakout sub Reddit has good raw content even though it’s moderated by pro-vax Libtard bots, but this is one of the things we happen to be in agreement on and they feature lots of police misconduct videos. The Junkyard News always has good stuff too —> Cops in the News 2022 | PLAYLIST

Reddit usually deletes or throttles my comments.

He just straddles her and rolls around on top of her like a creep. What is wrong with these bootlickers? Long night of being forced to make gay porn in a basement with his Captain perhaps? Who knows?

You don’t get props for only seeming moral for the cameras and or for doing your job valiantly as a non piece of shit. That’s there job. Law enforcement. They are getting paid actual money in exchange for their services. No awards or congratulations should ever be necessary.

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