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Jabadabadoo Responsible for 300% Increase in FIFA Football Deaths Since 2021. MSM Blames Heart Attacks on “Breathing too fast” & Even Blame CLIMATE CHANGE! Also Claim Lockdowns Have Led to Cleaner Air 😂🤣😅 | Texas AG: school districts likely cannot offer special treatment to vaccinated staff

These Libtard school boards and town councils have no shame. We need to start implementing IQ requirements for local school boards and town councils. Good for Texas AG Ken Paxton for doing the right thing and making this ruling and at least slightly curtailing the influence of the most clownish in our clown world.

I actually don’t even have a problem with giving the quackcinnated some extra sick time. I think that by now many of the Sheeple have realized that they’ve made a huge mistake and that they’re going to need that sick leave more than ever once the regularity of the health complications that are sure to arise from the medical experiment they foolishly agreed to participate in begins to escalate in both frequency and intensity. Though there are still plenty of R-tards out there who still don’t get it and are doing things like throwing vaccine parties 🥳 (probably a sacrificial ritual put on by the host).

A scenario that has already started to materialize in clown world(our reality). People just dropping dead of heart attacks at VERY young ages and the recent flux of reports of various heart complications or any kind of complication in general that requires emergency assistance has been staggering to say the least.


Will you hear about this on the mainstream news? Nope. They will instead come up with increasingly outrageous and ridiculous narratives that attempt to spin the situation in some bizarre and convoluted way that only the most low functioning of our society should be falling for. Just look at some of these headlines? Can you even believe this shit?


This below headline was supposedly satire but very fitting satire to say the least. The methods of damage control that have been implemented in response to the recent rise in deaths and health ailments caused by the jab are not really that much more outrageous than that.

doctors are ignoring vaccine injuries until it results in full blown heart attacks

Paramedic opens up about what’s really happening: https://www.bitchute.com/video/HSEJhCfWJxBN/ (BELOW)

https://t.me/pol4chan/172919 |
I can’t fucking believe the normies are falling for this…
Every single vaccine side effect is being blamed on “COVID.” Respiratory ailments have never caused heart issues or strokes in the past. Not ever. They don’t fucking infect your testicles, either. Respiratory ailments don’t cause miscarriages. mRNA vaccines do.
“In managing convalescent COVID-19 males, it is important to be aware of possible hypogonadism (low sex drive) and subfertility,” said Chair of Infectious Diseases Professor Kwok-yung Yuen, who led the research effort. “COVID-19 vaccination can prevent this complication.” The study has been accepted for publication in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases.
Previous studies have reported testicular pain in COVID-19 patients. One autopsy study of males who died from COVID-19 showed orchitis with lots of testicular cell dam […]

Source: https://www.heraldbanner.com/news/texas-ag-school-districts-likely-cannot-offer-special-treatment-to-vaccinated-staff/

Texas AG: school districts likely cannot offer special treatment to vaccinated staff

Texas school districts likely cannot offer special treatment to vaccinated staff, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said in an opinion released Thursday.


AUSTIN — In a 2021-22 school year policy, Houston ISD offered a maximum of 10 additional paid sick days for staffers who were fully vaccinated and those who had medical exemptions should they contract COVID-19, while unvaccinated staff must use their personal leave should they test positive.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said in an opinion released Thursday that the policy was likely a violation of state law.

“A court would likely conclude that, by offering additional paid leave only to those employees showing proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a medical exemption, the Houston Independent School District’s COVID-19 paid leave policy violates Executive Order GA-39,” the opinion read.

In June, a law banning governmental entities from issuing vaccine passports, passes or other standardized documentation to certify vaccine status was solidified. Gov. Greg Abbott doubled down on the idea with an executive order signed in August that stated governmental entities cannot compel any individual to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

Sen. Paul Bettencourt, R-Houston, who initiated the request for AG review said in a letter that he believed the HISD policy was an attempt at a vaccine passport, in conflict with the governor’s executive order and a violation of employees’ medical privacy rights.

“For these reasons, and others, I believe the discriminatory vaccine leave policy under consideration by HISD and pending TEA approval is questionable in legality,” the letter said. Given that the source of HISD funding includes property tax revenue, and other state and federal funds, the public has a clear interest in ensuring that the use of those funds comports with Texas law.”

The AG’s office agreed with Bettencourt’s statements saying any standard documentation that certifies an individual’s COVID-19 vaccination status constitutes a “vaccine passport.”

The opinion added that HISD is a covered entity under the Texas Medical Records and Privacy Act and must comply with its provisions.

“Any information related to the vaccination status of an employee would be covered as “protected health information” under the TMRPA (as the statute adopts the federal definition) and treated accordingly,” it said.

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