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Can anybody guess why Elon Musk tweeted out the symbol for Saturn on 2/22/22 and why Kanye released the OG cover for DONDA on 2/22/22 featuring Saturn Black Sun symbolism? Can anybody here guess what the giant hexagon storm on the north pole of Saturn is? Do you know what a “hex” is in “The Craft”?

The luminary known as “Saturn” IS the Hypercube Quantum Matrix computer that generates what we perceive as our reality. Kanye West and Elon Musk are both Matrix agents. They were created by the Saturn Cube and work for the Progenitor of this place. They may even be fractal copies of the spirit of the Progenitor who created this place.


by. Puzzleheaded-Ad6151

Im just gonna put this here, pre-warned its a major rant.

The Phoenicians were the earliest civ. that we know, they invented the first consonatal alphabet. For example im talking using a phoenetic alphabet. I digress. The phoenicians worshipped Baal. They received an alphabet, advanced architecture, medicine, mined gold and sacrificed people.

If you look at google images for the talisman of Saturn what youre going to find is a Minotaur with an arrow and a scythe and a dragon. I believe this dragon is yahweh and also quetxacoatl. Theres a good yourube on how Yahweh desribes a dragon multiple times, and in no way would be describing a man in old translations.

Everywhere these fuckers went they would coerce the followers to create slavery and become the civilizations we know today. These people became the ‘Name Stealers’ aka Kahzarian Mafia.

They take over all religions. They were heavily into the Romans culture. This pattern happened also when the Romans killed Jesus, spent almost 300 years destroying all the evidence they could about Jesus and then decided to become christians and put out a bible.  For this reason if you were to look up the god Dionysis youll see its connection to baal and that he/she ( trans ) is celebrated december 25th and you decorate trees and hes involved with wine and blood rituals etc.

There is another caste of this in Sumeria- Mesopotamia- Egypt that tells a different story. These peoples had humans, reptiles or snakes( naga ) and chimera bird people. These types of creatures show up in Hinduism and Japanese cultures.

If you were to find a free .pdf of a book called the Fundamental Laws of the Rose Cross Order, youll read about how the occult ( purposefully hidden knowledge)throughout  the world has handed base religion to the masses and kept the true powers to themselves. All Americans ( im Canadian ) should check this out because this group has made the only known complete magic circle in the world today, whatever that means. They claim that this plan is almost 6000 years old and that the hidden hand had been guiding this world this whole time. The bridge between the seen and the unseen.

Please watch this about satanism after you finish reading this comment. https://y theres a space to break the link.

Now here is the Unified Rabbit Hole Theory that ties everything together.

Anyone heavily into the UFO/extraterrestrial phenomenon will tell you that there is a very prominent extradimensional aspect to it. We have in our ancient writings descriptions of insane events and contact with ets, such as what Chariots of the God’s  says.

Tom Delong has mentioned many times that if you mention Jesus Christ your abduction may end. Other sources have eluded that there is a demonic element to aliens.

Im going to cut to the chase;

We are in a balance between good and evil, and there is a dimension beyond this that interacts with us. What we end up having on one side is Grays and archon like entities harvesting fear and anxiety and emotions and reptilians below harvesting meat and blood and emotions. I honestly believe the Gerogia Guidestones are coming into play with this New World Order stuff and depopulattion. Either that or its a heck of a coincidence.

There are also those oriented to help I think too, and there is some blend of religions that are the Law of One ( Ra channelings will open this topic for you ) Urantia Book, Gnostic Christianity with aspects of Hinduism and Buddhism. These religions are very similar.

The whole story is so filled with different ties and connections that im likely wrong but this is where my rabbit hole wanderings have lead me.

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