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They’re both controlled by the same guiding force and are pretty much the same thing except the Jesuits are far more numerous, powerful and stealthy. Blaming their Jewish minions for everything has been one of their most effective strategies throughout recorded recent history.

It’s natural to want to identify, define and single-out one’s enemies and our Jesuit controllers have used this natural inclination to deceive us into expending energy blaming who they want us to blame. The “Jew”. In my eyes a Zionist and a Jesuit are the same thing, but regardless, the modern “Jew” is a creation of the Old Roman Luciferian Catholic Church and have been used as this “easy to identify” enemy to shift blame upon when necessary. There are many who exclaim that the first Pope’s were in fact Jews and that there is really no distinction between the Rabbidic Jews and the Catholic Church, but that’s not correct at all. The first Popes were actually ethnically Basque, not Jewish.

This is by no means an insinuation that these Zionist Banksters and their political special interest mercenaries who call themselves “Jews” are these innocent Scapegoats who have been wrongly slandered. I’m simply pointing out that they are merely a small subgroup within the much larger Vatican criminal syndicate. The Holy See oversees a vast, merciless and ancient criminal operation that uses political, military and religious influence to keep up their steady vice-grip on the masses and to ultimately herd humanity in the same way we herd cattle. They have long used their creation called the “Jew” as a means of diverting attention from themselves and their own malfeasance, acting to keep their role as the true “hidden hand” behind the scenes as much of a secret as possible. Time to rip that veil clean off. It shouldn’t be that hard to come to terms with for all you devout Catholics. They just got exposed for having allowed their priests and Cardinals to systematically rape children with impunity. is constantly pointing out how it’s in fact the Jesuits who deserve so much of the crux of the blame and how they’ve been able to obfuscate their complicity in so many ghastly world affairs throughout history by shoveling the shit at the feet of the slobish and easy-for-most-to-loathe Zionist “Jew”.



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