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“I’m stretching”…”No, you’re suicidal”. Man Thrown in Psych-Ward After Running Out of Gas | Officer pulls gun on parent. Charges dropped against father – officer draws gun at elementary school demanding father’s information, officer remains suspended under investigation.

Most of you know how I feel about these woke Libtard state officials across the U.S. that have commandeered many of the District Attorneys offices for their own often despicable political agendas. However there does seem to be at least one positive side-effect from this progressive takeover of our municipalities in that whenever a case of police misconduct comes across their desk, WATCH OUT! They do not hesitate and will proceed to go scorched earth on the officers involved and really take it to these arrogant swine in a very public and very humiliating way. As they should. They get the local news station on board and really work these corrupt pigs over by releasing all the footage and making sure that everyone involved is portrayed in the worst light possible. As they should. This kind of behavior from a police officer(at an elementary school particularly) is an absolute outrage. Throwing dollar bills on the ground after you’ve just thrown a hissy fit over the fact that you were being lawfully recorded by a bystander is hardly acceptable behavior for a cop and neither is pulling your gun on a parent for no reason at all outside of a school with kids all over the place.

I put a few more recent blood-boiling examples of police misconduct below. The one where the guy was stretching and was accused of trying to kill himself and then thrown in a psychiatric ward was particularly insane and obviously retaliatory in nature and not even remotely justified. This cop used his masterful deduction skills and professional intuition as a useless hog to surmise that this man must have been in the midst of trying to climb over the fence to commit suicide and wasn’t actually “just stretching” as he waited for his wife to bring him gas like the suspect claimed. But piggy chose to go with “suicide” instead like the total useless dummy that most piggies are. Like that makes any kind of sense. Just look at how high that fence was! These cops are sooooooooo useless. Notice how butt hurt he got when the guy’s wife accused him of being a crappy cop.

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