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Modern Egypt: A GLORIFIED TOURIST ATTRACTION | Concrete & Rebar Waffle Block Construction In GIZA

The clip at the beginning of the video about the Freemason who built Abu Simbel is one of the funniest on the net. I figure that much of supposed “ancient Dynastic Egypt” is actually nothing more than a modern Disneyland’esque reconstruction that been ongoing since the late 1700’s. Wise Up was one the first I’ve seen to point this out. When was the Giza pyramid complex actually built? Could it have been erected around the same time that these false Dynastic ruins at Abu Simbel were built? “Dynastic Egypt” appears to be nothing but a modern fabrication designed to cover-up the much more anomalous ruins of the “Archaic period” that many of these reconstructed sites are built on top of.

218 images of vintage Karnak:





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Thursday, May 20, 2010

How much fascination the Mizraim and Memphis Rits, both depositaries of the esoteric tradition of the ancient Schools of the Mysteries of Egypt – Nothing more and nothing less!

Mizraim means in ancient Hebrew – red land and is also the Egyptian plural.

The origins of the Rit go back, according to the Masonic legend, to the early days of Humanity: – work of the Almighty and in a way way of men, said some HH.

For the Masonic Rit historians (Noaquita Tradition), and in particular considering the work of Marc Bédarride, the first Great Conservative and head of the Mizraim Rit, entitled “Masonic Order of Misraim,” this rite has as one of its main sources the Pentateuco, the first five books of the Old Testament.

Following this author, Adam together with his children created the first Lodge of Humanity and his son Seth was his successor. We do not have the safe universal flood, he and his son Sem settled in Mitzraim, or in that place called the “red land” land, for us Egypt.

Later and according to the legend, an initiate mizraimita, known as the patriarch Balaám, was established in Etruria, precisely in the place currently known as the city of Florence and over the centuries, the mizraimitas who lived in the region spread their influence on the civilized world, founding Logias throughout the Italic Peninsine. Contemporary of the Romans themselves.

With the time run, his initiates would have participated in the First Crusade, and during his stay in the city of Jerusalem, had made a visit to the flute of the Prophet Elias, near Mount Carmelo, having contacted Sultan Salāh ad-Dn. Finally and on the return of the Crusade, these initiates settled in the Itlic Liguria and from there, they continued their expansion across the old world.

In my view, the important thing is that the HH. initiated in this rite, understand that Mas is a traditional method of access to knowledge, and through it, to freedom.

On a major plane, these QQ. HH. They understand the Mas as an order that is located outside space and time. An Order that unites all the Initiatories of all countries and of all time, HH. of all the beliefs and ways of thinking, which conjugate their efforts in the construction of the Ideal Temple of Truth, Justice and Concordia.

The Mizraim Rite is currently 90 degrees. A detail of them below:

90 Grades, divided into four series divided into seventeen classes.

First series SIMBOLICA: 1º to 33 in 6 Classes. Second FILOSOFICA Series: 34ºto 66 in 4 Classes.
Third MISTICA Series: 67º to 77 in 4 Classes.
Fourth CABALISTICA Series: /78º to 90 in 3 Classes.
A Sovereign Grand Absolute Master governs all bodies.

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