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This is What Trans Looks Like – Fakeotube – by Anon

This transvestigation that was done on Zelenskyy was really good. Fakeologist is the man(Fakeotube.com). The FTM converts have that same puffy and featureless blob of a face.

I know that many may find it hard to believe that ALL celebrities are in fact gender inverts, but the more you look into it the more you come to realize that Panmutation is one of the requirements for entry into Hollywood.

FAKEOTUBE: https://fakeotube.com/v/4794

FAKEOTUBE: https://fakeotube.com/v/4792

FAKEOTUBE: https://fakeotube.com/v/4774

One more way to sterilize the human race and promote ritual androgyny.
Plus we examine the work of acclaimed researcher Miles Mathis as he exposes the “Tranny Psyop.”

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