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Greeks Knew About America / Atlantis, The Three Indians, Western Ethiopians, Euphrates, Prester John | Wakanda is American, Not African / Huaca / Waconda Springs / Wakan / Creator / Supernatural / Sacred

Awesome channel that focuses on this ancient class of Priest Kings(The Amaru Khans) from the Americas and America’s true origins as Atlantis.

In this video will will discuss what exactly the ancient Greeks knew about America as well as what was really meant by the Three Indians, Ethiopia, Western Ethiopians, and Atlantis. Also What Francis Bacon called America …. Let Me Show You !

In this video we will Discuss the word Wakanda its origin and cultural meaning in the America’s. This is just one part proving the Wakanda movie is an American Story. Many American Indigenous Nations used the word Wakanda, Waconda, Wakan, Huaca, Wak’a especially when referring to the supernatural, the creator, or a sacred place. We refer to many books and First Nation myth and traditions and show you many places in America with this name. Where did the Black Panther party get their name from?
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