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Atmospheric Etheric Energy (AEE) Antiqui-Tech of the Tartars?

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Atmospheric Etheric Energy (AEE) Antiqui-Tech of the Tartars?


World’s Tallest Buildings as of 1884

So, I’ve always had this funny feeling about those fancy classical stone structures covered with fussy carvings, intricate aerials, colossal columns and enormous entryways — was all that really necessary?


Why would our forefathers exert such a Herculean effort back “in the old days” with only human/beast power aided by pulleys and levers?

horses move column

Hauling the fluted cast-iron column shafts for the peristyle of the Dome from the train station to the Capitol work yard. November 1856. (Architect of the Capitol)

Certainly all that labor could gone into more practical municipal or military projects, but no… every great city contains intricately decorated monumental architecture built at great expense.

So years ago, to answer my initial curiosity about why the same colossal architecture was imitated in cities around the world, I’d delved into the symbolic meaning of monuments and city layouts with the help of esoteric researchers like Freeman Fly and Matthew Delooze who postulate the human energy-gathering potential of such structures.

The Columbian Exposition Administration Building was a 55,000-square-foot dome that held the offices of fair organizers. It was the first building fairgoers likely saw after they paid their 50-cent entrance fee.

This gave me the first clue that this recurring architecture wasn’t random or mere imitation — these elements all add up to something that involves POWER!


St. Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow built 1200 AD

But not until I watched Forgotten Ancient Technologies: Atmospheric Electricity, Vimanas and More by New Earth, an excellent researcher and great challenger of quackademia, did those proverbial light bulbs snap on!

She pointed out that drawing electricity from the atmosphere could be relatively simple if your city was planned with buildings designed to properly attract, collect and dispense the accumulated current.

It is being referred to as “Antiqui-Tech.”

tartarian collector munster 1550

1550 Depiction of Antiqui-Tech Collection and Disbursement

Keep in mind we are not talking about the conventional modern version of wired electricity used to run typical labor saving devices.

The concept of Antiqui-Tech is the crafting of architectural forms to attract and distribute the natural static electrical charge present in the atmosphere or Atmospheric Etheric Energy (AEE), a subtle force of nature that operates whether we believe in it or not.

At present science has classified AEE as “dark matter” to explain this all pervasive substance that eludes conventional physics.


So the theory goes that if properly harvested, Antiqui-Tech could harness and channel AEE into buildings and public spaces to generate light, regulate temperature and create an energy field that sterilizes harmful bacteria.

I’ve applied my elementary knowledge of electrical energy to postulate how certain building designs could harvest the kind of refined, spiritual energy that creates a healthy, climate controlled, well-lit environment for its occupants.

columns crossections page 45 bilder-atlas

Bilder Atlas shows cross-sections of columns, arches and pillars

To grasp the idea of how architecture can harness power via AEE, let’s focus first on places of worship (cathedrals, mosques and synagogues) since they are the most obvious structures in any city that should generate a beneficial energy source.

So, the basic strategy of harvesting AEE is to build a nice tall tower (or two or more) topped with aerials (hereafter referred to as Fiddly Bits) made of a conductive material fashioned to attract the AEE charge from the atmospheric static electricity field and channel it into the structure.

cross with crescent

Fiddly Bit Antenna

Please don’t think that’s just a lightning rod — remember, conventional history insists that Benjamin Franklin was the first to install a lightning rod in 1753-ish. This structure predates Franklin by centuries, but it’s still pulling a charge because the Fiddly Bit appears to have a wire grounding (or tapping) it!

If all those spires were just for ornamentation, twisted spires like this would make no sense, but the AEE harvesting theory throws new light behind the reasoning for building such structures.

Lincoln Cathedral – Freemasonry’s Greatest Secret? - World Mysteries Blog

Chesterfield Spire, England

The second part of the formula to accumulate AEE  is to place a dome or steeple (or both) underneath the Fiddly Bit(s). 

A huge clock is also a common feature on these structures, possibly once functioning as a tuner for the more sophisticated Antiqui-Tech.  

Onion Dome & Steeple – Holy Trinity Church

Now that the AEE is gathered in the domed collectors on the ceiling, it can be channeled into the building.

One method uses metal rods attached to the domes that ends with a filament that glows when exposed to this subtle current.


Brighton Synagogue Ceiling


Cairo Mosque

Now to disseminate and broadcast the healing AEE that has accumulated in the building.

Oh, and those urn-looking structures on the corners of the roofs are likely chemical batteries that collect and distribute AEE wirelessly.

The simplest way to do this is via sound.
This can be accomplished many ways like playing the big pipe organ to attune and direct the effects for those inside and ringing the church bells to project the AEE throughout the vicinity.


Iglesia de Santo Tomás Roman Catholic church in Chichicastenango, Guatemala

These buildings HAD amazing acoustical properties before being subjected to modern remodeling.

Inside the cathedral, the acoustics of  building  react with the collected AEE to create vibrational resonance that can be used to heal — and perhaps even to protect!


St. George’s Church Organ, Hanover Square, NYC

Okay, so if cathedrals are equipped with those aerials, domes and bell towers to create a healthy etheric power grid, why not make the other buildings that way?

Well, turns out it’s not hard to find homes (or more specifically mansions and palaces), schools (usually private academies) and civic buildings (think courthouses and old post offices) that encompass all of these elements in subtlety different ways.

For instance, check out this pipe organ installed at the Biltmore Estate in Manhattan, supposedly built between 1889 and 1895. It was played from dawn until bedtime whenever the family was in residence.

biltmore estate

Pipe Organ and AEE Chandelier above Dining Hall

Another interesting aspect of these elaborate mansions and palaces are the non-wood burning fireplaces.

venderbilt idlerour pipe organ and fireplace

Pipe Organ and Fireplace at Vanderbilt Mansion, NYC

Although at first glance it looks like a regular fireplace, further inspection reveals that they are very shallow and instead of brick, the back of the chamber is lined with a big metal plate, typically adorned with intricate art.

They also sport andirons which do not hold log grates like modern fireplaces but seemed to serve as regulators and/or transmitters.

I also noticed in the pictures of old mansions with functioning Antiqui-Tech how furniture is never grouped around the fireplace like in modern versions.

Apparently the “climate control” features of AEE kept the rooms an even temperature.

Gilded Age: Pride in Excess | Squared Away Blog

It is hard to find any pictures of these AEE devices without fire damage (they were never built for fires).

Biltmore Estate Fireplace

This one in Paris has been preserved in its original state.

unknown palace fireplace with fireback and andirons

AEE fireplace with metal plate and andiron transmitters

These types of climate control devices can be detected from outside the building because they have flat, skinny chimneys that are concerned with circulation instead of the modern wide chimneys that have to draw smoke.

Perhaps this explains why these Antiqui-Tech structures often catch on fire after conversion?

To help me determine the real Old Empire (Tartarian?) residential architecture from the modern imitations, I look for 4 main features:

*Fiddly Bits on top (metal or stone protuberances to serve as antenna)

*Flat Chimneys (never enough chimneys to heat such a large building by conventional means)

*Dormers and Towers on Roof (to accumulate and distribute AEE)

*Colossal Entryways (not sure if these indicate giants built them, but they are always there!)

1890 mark_hopkins_mansion

The Mark Hopkins Mansion, San Francisco, 1890

Now the really tricky part is the Tartarian theory, which postulates that many of these Antiqui-Tech structures we know and love — especially in the United States — were actually built by the Tartar (or Tatar?) Empire who spread their AEE technology along sea coasts and major rivers all over the world.

Still not sure if the Tartarians are responsible for all this architecture, but the fact their Empire vanished from contemporary history books makes them a good starting point.

Must admit they have the most elaborate fiddly bits!

Church of the Transfiguration: Island of Kizhi, Karelia… (1) | Windows to Russia

So, if the existing historical narrative explaining the discovery of the Americas crumbles under the slightest scrutiny, might that imply that another civilization colonized the American continent well before the Europeans claim to have “discovered” it?

In fact, is it possible they not only edited whole cultures out of history, but subsequently usurped their architecture and claimed it as their own?

Priest holding crucifix standing beside boat, map of tartaria, cina, india, 1653

Tartarians Meet the Jesuits

However, since I am not sure the Tartarians built all of these structures, I have decided on the term Old Empire civilizations — plural because I’m pretty sure there were more than one.

Which brings us to the idea that civilizations can be purposely reset by Controllers who then enslave the devastated population and relocate them into abandoned cities.

More details about the strange occurrences in the Americas from 1700-1900 in my Mudflood Blog.

comet newspaper

So is there evidence that these Old Empire remnants survived a major geological event?


After studying many of the “construction” photos of these suspicious structures I notice these consistent features…

* Windows and entrances slightly below ground level
* Work focused on towers, domes and roofs
* Walls intact (often aged stone) but no evidence of masonry activity
* Walkways and plazas finished before structures

biltmore estate construction

The Biltmore Mansion

Also very curious is how many US Robber Barons managed to construct — or acquire — these Old Empire buildings early in their careers but then decided they were too expensive to maintain and demolished them within 30 years!

Robber Baron straddling the Capitol defying Justice, Law and Country

Makes you wonder if the main priority on their Controller agenda was to identify and occupy these existing buildings and systematically dismantle their AEE features to put on exhibit at the World’s Fairs?

Chicago World’s Fair Windmills

While a select few could continue to enjoy the AEE benefits, the lower class citizens were restricted to rudimentary (dangerous) power sources until the modern electrical grid was developed to assure society’s dependency on oil, gas and coal which were easily controlled.

Once the new metered tech was rolled out, huge fires in major cities conveniently destroyed much of the evidence of the existing Antiqui-Tech structures.

The Great New York City Fire 1835

The Great New York City Fire 1835

The remaining civic structures were folded into the elaborate World’s Fairs and Expositions held in every major city around the turn of the century.

Chicago World’s Fair construction

Once the event was over, the Controllers dismantled all but a few choice Old Empire structures.

18 best images about Meet MythAmerica: 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition, San ...

Or they just relocated them to use for their country clubs.

I kid you not.

Post image

Must admit, it is a pretty sad and frustrating exercise to contemplate that we have been fed a load of lies and denied a graceful existence with comfortable, disease-free cities and clean energy for our homes and businesses.

It is doubly frustrating to realize how these great Old Empire buildings were usurped by the Usurpers for their nefarious enterprises!

But where there is knowledge there is hope, and I dearly hope that the flood of evidence chipping away at their narrative and entering our collective consciousness will prove the undoing of these convenient lies.

Let’s give it a try, we’ve only got ourselves to blame if we are further deceived.

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