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THE LAST HOUR | The Hidden Hand & Their Distractions

I didn’t realize Chris Rock had played so many Messianic roles in his career.

SS: This is a short film made about revealing the real reason why the Will Smith and Chris Rock event transpired. Not only that, but how the major events we see unfold on T.V. are a manufactured fabrication by the Hidden Hand of the World. Break down of how it is all scripted, why they take place and the substantial agendas that they are caring out. Keep your eyes open, and wake up family and friends. Constructive criticism welcomed #LastDays#Revelation#WillSmith 📷 Instagram:… Please share, subscribe, like, and comment on the video as that helps promote the video in youtube’s algorithm. Thank you! ———————————————————————————————————————— THE STRONG DELUSION | Introduction THE STRONG DELUSION | Chapter 1 THE STRONG DELUSION | Chapter 2 (When They Say Peace and Security)
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