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Possible Explanation of What the Shot and Boosters Are Doing

This seems more likely than synthetic snake venom peptides, but it still doesn’t change anything. DON’T GET IT. Everyone has AIDS! AIDS AIDS AIDS!

Extremely creepy world we are in when people have masks on to tell the truth. No idea where this is from or anything about it.

Source: https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=S8GGUBYA4G3B


She is claiming she’s got the information, but there is no evidence for her claims. That is not a rational level, that is emotional manipulation. Word you used – “horrific” – confirms that her emotional manipulation is working. That is really bad/wrong in two aspects, her claims being presented as facts and your suspended disbelief.

You should hear the whole “speech” of this unnamed “doctor”. In that speech she didn’t provide any evidence for her claims.Where is her research done? How can she (natural “doctor”) know which and how many bacteria are there in the injections and how does she know which variants of the HIV virus have been added in the booster? Her claims are make-believe. Fear mongering activity. Pure emotional level of engagement. No rationale allowed. That is the point of the visuals as well. Pure manipulation, intended to corrupt minds keeping them in a reactionary mode, this is part of the menticide of the masses agenda.
The numbers she used (1 and 8) are intelligence markers. Chai-pun.


You can search for yourself for the entire “speech” posted here some months ago and find my more detailed analysis of an agent provocateur voice that she is.

In the same manner, I could declare myself a “doctor” and begin claiming that injections are alien DNA and all the injected are to turn into blobs of jello in the near future.

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