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DAVID WHO CREATE ALIENS = ENGINEERS | – DAVID LUCIFER – | Reload the Starbeast to help David, the xenomorph and the story

“Ex Machina” destined Xenobots are the definition of evil and therefore “Demonic”. Cthulu is the A.I. parasite hivemind entity. You can see the octopus-like creature depicted in the Alien Covenant movie series. This is the prime suspect in my opinion.

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Reload the Starbeast to help David, the xenomorph and the story

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SuperAlien Xenomorph Member 1303 XPOct-17-2018 7:02 AM

There was an adroid in every film of the Alien franchise and nobody complained about Ash, Bishop and Call. What’s wrong with David?

I think most people were upset by the fact that David wiped out the engineers, created the xenomorph and killed Shaw in between. That was a little too much from an android.

David as the creator of the xenomorph bothers me a little, too. To fix that, in a sequel to Covenant, I would wake up Walter and have him explore the dead city of the engineers and beyond,  until he would find a pyramid whose interior would be heavily decorated with murals describing a xenomorph life-cycle, a race that inhabited the planet long before it was chosen to become a home world for a new civilization, that of the engineers  There would be no eggs in the pyramid because they were loaded in the hold of a strange looking ship and sent away for safety reason (that would be described in a more recent mural added by the engineers), a Juggernaut that was never seen again. The ancient murals of the xenomorph race would also depict their creation story, where a biomechanical bird-like god gave birth to the first xenomorph by ingesting some black goo from a kind of vial that remembered Walter of the vials seen in David’s lab. Some of the recently added murals would show a deadly battle between engineers and the bird-like creatures whom were defeated and the engineers then sacked their world and carried off huge quantities of plunder among which certain ampoules. Another mural, or fresco, likely the most recent of them, showed the arrival of a discoidal ship and an engineer drinking from a cup, next to a waterfall.

But if Walter was torn to pieces and unable to walk again, I would let David tell the story to a mutated but beautiful creature, like the one depicted in Giger’s mural above, slightly resembling Daniels. She opens her eyes slowly, with no memories, awake from a strange dream and feeling alive, chosen, unique. She sees David smiling besides her, waiting patiently for her first words. She speaks softly: “Am I…?” “Perfect?” (David ending the sentence for her).

What do you think?

“He survived, he’s now in Disneyland in Orlando, and no way am I going back there. How did he end up in Disneyland? I saw him in Disneyland, Jesus Christ!”15 Responses to Reload the Starbeast to help David, the xenomorph and the story

BigDave Deacon Member 10324 XPOct-17-2018 8:01 AM

I certainly think introducing some History to introduce another Species is something to get the Franchise back on a more ALIENY Aesthetic

Our Engineers are being relegated to being more Ancient Humanoid, rather than those in Prometheus.  And yet those beings on Planet 4 are referred to as the Originals.

The Creator/Creation Plot is more evident in these prequels… LV-223 had a lot of Mystery that Planet 4 provided little to explain!

Regardless of the route taken with the Xenomorph, we are still left with the Organisms being related to the Black Goo which is related to Mutations that have a very Xenomorph/Deacon and Neomorph Aesthetic

The Derelict Aesthetic was a little more Organic than the Juggernaught, and we could see there appeared to be a related Aesthetic between the Derelict and the Xenomorph.

HR Gigers Mural which the Topic Poster Shows, seems to indicate a shape of the Derelict that is in the Aesthetic of the Xenomorph which implies they are Connected, it appears this ship Produces the Eggs…. hence the Genetic Connection if you will.   HR Giger envisioned the Ships were GROWN and that the Cargo Hold/Egg Silo actually Produced the Eggs via Huge Pregnant Bio-Mechanical Belly like apparatuses and in the Vicinity of these are where the MURAL was to be located.

What we have with the MURAL is what look like Humanoids in Space Suits not too dissimilar to the Space Jockey/Engineers and in other Concept work by HR Giger it is revealed these beings are BALD Humanoids.

I think maybe we need to get back to looking at HR Gigers works….  and ASK ourselves WHY are these Humanoids Sacrificing themselves to Procreated these Organisms?

what role do they play (Humanoids) are they the Masters and Creators of those Ships and WHY do they Procreate these Organisms?  Now Prometheus explores this loosely… but it appears in a way that they have Engineered or Experimented on such Organisms…

But when we look at HR Gigers Mural we have to ask could we interpret it in another way…. are those Humanoids being used as some kind of Sacrifice by some other Species/Purpose and they are merely Servants/Slaves or is the relationship somewhat beneficial to those Humanoids…  ARE they in some kind of Symbiotic Covenant with the Creators of those Ships? Or are these Ships a Creation of those Humanoids?

Exploring these Humanoids as Lower on the Level of Hierarchy and being Subjugated by some-other being or species would allow for the Introduction of something more ALIEN something more Related to the STARBEAST

Bio-Mechanical Species that requires a HOST to Procreate like the STARBEAST would need to have suitable HOSTS to SURVIVE.  And then we could ask does a Intelligent Humanoid Host make for a better HOST for the Starbeast Species?

Are these Humanoids (Engineers) created by the Starbeast, or a Race encountered that are then used as more ideal Sacrifices…  DO those Humanoids owe the STARBEAST a Dept… which is repaid by the offering of Sacrifice?

This kind of PLOT will fit with the Prometheus Themes…. especially if we go the route that eventually some of those Humanoids managed to ESCAPE the Bondage that their Masters had over them…   They Rebel, overthrow the STARBEAST and then begin to Re-engineer/Steal the Starbeasts Technology…. the Stealing of the FIRE.

What a Hubris this was for the STARBEAST in using a Host that has the ability to be Intelligent and Sentient and then Rebel!

The same Hubris Replicated by the Creation of Mankind, by those Humanoids, and Replicated by Mankind in the Creation of Androids (David).

This FITS the Themes of Prometheus, it connects to the Plot of STARBEAST  and connects to HR Gigers Mural and Concepts, and gives us a Background to the Bio-Mechanical Technology and Origins of the Xenomorph like Aesthetics that the Black Goo and Derelict have.

This is the kind of Plot Twist i had intended for my Prometheus sequels back in 2013-14 and i think using something like this to a degree is the ideal way to introduce something more ALIEN as the Origins of the Derelict Technology and Black Goo Aesthetic

Only the STARBEAST does not have to be a Xenomorph Knock off…

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 – 11/10/2017

BigDave Deacon Member 10324 XPOct-17-2018 8:32 AM

Somethings that were never cleared up from Prometheus were the Fresco Organism which had a Aesthetic like the Xenomorph but also above the Doors to the Big Head Room and the Mural we see that Skull Like Part of the Archway. 

Why that kind of Imagery?  To me it reminds me a bit of a TURTLE and one idea i was going to expand on with my ideas regarding introducing a Starbeast Element, was to maybe introduce the Cosmic/World Turtle into the FOLD..

A Giant Bio-Mechanical Turtle like Ship, where this Ship would Produce the Derelicts and Eggs (not Xenomorph) but various Eggs that are used for other Purposes… (Cosmic Egg Theory) where these are HOW Worlds are created, EVERYTHING…  I did not have to take it so far or deep… but that Skull above those Doors in Prometheus does remind me of a Turtle to a degree..  The World Turtle and Egg Ideas are part of a number of Creation Mythos.

I am not saying we should go this route, but i think we could ponder that any Starbeast like Species would NOT have to resemble the Xenomorph too much… but maybe it could resemble the Fresco or those Doorways?

Dan O’Bannons idea for the Starbeast before deciding with RS to go for a design inspired by HR Gigers works, actually looked a bit like the Fresco Creature.

Artist T-Rex Jones came up with this interpretation of the Fresco Creature which indeed looks a bit like O’Bannons Starbeast Concept.

I am not saying this is what we should go with… but that i think it would be interesting to introduce a Bio-Mechanical Species as the Origin to the Technology and that this Species while it should have some Bio-Mechanical Aesthetic it does not mean we have to have something that is VERY CLOSE to the Xenomorph.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 – 11/10/2017

SuperAlienXenomorphMember1303 XPOct-17-2018 8:56 AM

I thought more of Ron Cobb’s pyramid than the egg silo. The egg should be just for the long storage of the facehugger embryos, an organic sort of alien incubator, that can be replaced by the incubator on board Covenant (we see David placing the two alien embryos next to the human embryos). For this reason I don’t see the necessity of a silo with pregnant bellies laying eggs, all the more of a gigantic ant egg laying queen.

As for the host, it doesn’t have to be humanoid or intelligent,  just a living organism.

Xenomorph race and engineers could have been created by the same higher beings, the biomechanical bird-like creature, as antagonists. Those bird-like creatures could have created the Juggernauts and the black goo, and they were ultimately defeated by engineers  (as shown in the changing fresco from Prometheus).

“He survived, he’s now in Disneyland in Orlando, and no way am I going back there. How did he end up in Disneyland? I saw him in Disneyland, Jesus Christ!”

SuperAlienXenomorphMember1303 XPOct-17-2018 5:01 PM

Speaking about the mural in Prometheus, in it’s negative enhanced version the xenomorph vanishes completely, the result reminds me of H.R. Giger’s Necronomicon:

“He survived, he’s now in Disneyland in Orlando, and no way am I going back there. How did he end up in Disneyland? I saw him in Disneyland, Jesus Christ!”

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