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Leading Celebrities Pushing the Transgender Agenda Onto Children | More on EGI: Elite Gender Inversion and Transanity

You’ve found the Transvestigation mother load. This piece was a lot of work. So many “Transvestigation” channels have since been taken down. What a shame. Luckily I backed up a lot of these censored videos onto other platforms: https://vimeo.com/user153422452. Fakeologist has a really good forum on EGI: https://fakeologist.com/forums/topic/egi-elite-gender-inversion/. Another site I recently came across that has a ton of good independent research on EGI: https://brutalproof.net/2021/09/elite-gender-inversion/

I guess only people like myself, Frank Smith, Simon Woods, Wake Up Before Christ Comes, Deep Investigation, Fakeologist and a handful of others in our unapologetic little “alternative fringe” community where no topic is off limits are actually willing to put this kind of stuff out there and at least attempt to expose this sickening practice and stick-up for these poor celebrity children who are being literally forced to transition their gender during childhood at the whim of their soulless occultist parents. Do you think Anderson Cooper’s twin brother wanted to become that thing known as Kathy Griffin? Of course he didn’t.

16 Famous Phreaks With Adam’s Apples (because they are dudes) | THE WITCH & THE WARDROBE: Michelle Obama Transvestigation

This is NOT OK. Charlize Theron is committing child abuse out in public when she dresses up her adopted African sons as little girls when clearly neither of them want to wear girls clothing or be a girl for that matter. “Trans rights” are reserved only for those who actually want to transition you know? Fucking Libtard scum. Unbelievable some of the Libtard blow-back I get about this on Twitter. Come get some.

‘Mommy, I Don’t Want to Be a Boy!’ Little Girl’s Reaction


EGI: Elite Gender Inversion is nothing new unfortunately and has been practiced since ancient times. All the royals from any family from any part of the world are inverts.

Look at the “lady” behind Kate! Aaaahahaha!!!

Graphics below courtesy of BrutalProof.net: Upcloud Document Link

I said ALL and I meant it. No exceptions. Not Princess Diana, not Jackie Onassis not Melania Trump nor Donald Trump himself are exceptions to this rule. I said ALL OF THEM. Deal with it. Or don’t deal with it. It won’t change the reality of the matter.

Elton Diana & Harry | Wonder Woman & Diana Worship | SATURN SERPENTS EXPOSED part 2- THE FAKE CROWN OF ENGLAND – PRINCESS DIANA FAKES HER DEATH – Mark Alan King

It’s only been because of the recent push by rabid post-modern activists and DemonRat special interest groups that the concept of “gender fluidity” has even come into the publics purview and become a topic of discussion. But this “transanity” as I call it has also had the side effect of revealing that these tinsel-town sickos have long been force-inverting the genders of their children as both a Baphometic rite of passage and as an apparent requirement in order to be allowed to cash in on the riches that come with Illuminati membership. You think selling that soul is enough? Nah… you gotta kiss that genitalia goodbye and have yourself what’s known as a “White Wedding”.

White Wedding Revealed- Tamara Magdalene the Lioness of Yeshua

RUMBLE: https://rumble.com/v15g35c-transvestigation-top-10-female-rappers.html

Ask Lady Gaga what happened to her shit. She had a penis at one point. Then she suddenly didn’t, all right around the same time she was skyrocketing to stardom. She probably naively thought she’d be allowed to keep it being that her mommy is likely Marina Abramovich herself, but I bet mommy Marina was the one who actually severed it and threw it in the fire during a grotesque ritual once and for all.

Lady Gaga is a MAN. Not exactly breaking news, but her case is so over the top & blatant, that it requires special attention

And that’s all before or after one of the record company big wigs like Birdman turns your ass the-fuck-out up in one of their offices… on camera(for later blackmail material) and usually in front of your people to maximize the embarrassment and to establish their dominion over you. And you say you want to be a celebrity huh? I never understood how someone could sell themselves out like that. Like the super hot girls who marry these big fat ugly obnoxious slobs for their money. They have to live with them now… for at least a little while before divorcing them… and submit themselves to that kind of degradation. Is it really worth it?

Now, what about the celebrities who weren’t born into one of these ancient bloodlines who practice EGI? This is a good question because believe it or not there are celebrities who were once normal human beings with souls. It does happen. One of my best friends from college is a B-list actor and stand up comedian and I know damn well he didn’t come from any elite bloodline.

However, any A-lister who wasn’t born into the industry via a bloodline and came up on their own merits(rare, but it happens) are eventually lured into the cloning facility, murdered, then replaced with an androgynous version of the original human host using the source DNA which they now also have on file for future use for God-knows-what and into their genetic archive forever. “That’s Poppy” and Dave Chappelle are good examples of this… in my humble opinion. You don’t become an A-lister without having been inverted from childhood or replaced with a androgynous synthetic.

The original “Moriah Rose Pereira” had very feminine features. The later version featured in the creepy Transhumanist themed “That’s Poppy” music videos had a distinctly different and MALE jawline. NOT the same individual. R.I.P. Moriah.

Popular Youtuber Admits She Is A Demon Possesed Clone!

Below is the human version of Poppy who went by “Moriah Rose Pereira” who had very distinct feminine features.

While the following shots are of the androgynous synthetic that they replaced Moriah with known as “Poppy”. Look at the distinct square jawline. The Moriah above did not have that jawline.

They say(Tamara Magdalene says) that the new synthetic vessels are even more conducive to legion-spirit possession, which is one of the main reasons the continuance of these bloodlines were so important to begin with. The Legion Spirit is able to easily abscond and assume control of the vessel. But with the new synthetic biological meat suits that they now apparently have, these pedigreed bloodline children will no longer need to be bred. HaSatan can have an all synthetic foot soldier army now. Meaning these Illuminati families are about to be discarded and destroyed by their master soon. He is going to make them destroy themselves. He already has. He doesn’t need them anymore. The Beast devouring the Harlot.






Our world is so inverted that Ru Paul IS actually a woman! LMFAO. NO JOKE.

It’s also important to remember that celebrities can be played by many different entities and can assume many different forms. They could be played by a Robotoid, a human wearing a silicone mask, a digital CGI composite overlay or even by a shape-shifting non-human entity that uses Alchemical Magick and advanced holographic technology to hold their human form. There is no one way to go about it. It’s not that cut and dry or simple. It never is. Conscious X goes into great detail as to the various methods these celebrities use. There is no real version of any celebrity. They are ALL characters that are played by a menagerie of lookalike or silicone mask-wearing actors, soulless golems and CGI avatars. Any semblance of humanity they might have once had is long buried somewhere in the woods behind the cloning facility they were murdered at by the time they reach A-list status.

The Royal Trans Family of Monaco – Elite Gender Inversion [2019-12-28]

Source: https://redstatenation.com/leading-celebrities-pushing-transgender-agenda-onto-children/

Leading Celebrities Pushing the Transgender Agenda Onto Children

How insane is it that the mainstream and liberal media are working to eliminate the concept of gender? It isn’t that complicated. Boys have a penis, and girls have a vagina. It is not some high level philosophical construct that passes over the heads of even the greatest intellectuals and biologists. This is kindergarten level knowledge.

Yet, gender neutrality, binary gender, transgender, or whatever else you want to call it, is being rammed down our throats by social engineers, and as more media attention is given to the virtues of erasing biology in favor of mental illness, the issue becomes more culturally acceptable.

Leading the charge are warped and out of touch celebrities who seem to be operating from a singular directive to set an example for people who learn how to parent by watching television and reading People magazine. Parading their children around in front of the paparazzi for the whole world to fawn over, many of these entitled, self-righteous, and disconnected celebs are playing their part in helping to transform society into a confused, mindless mass of group-thinkers.

It seems innocent enough when one of these mega stars steps out in public making a spectacle of their children, and there certainly is no harm in a little boy wearing a pink princess dress once in a while, but when so many celebs are marching to the same tune, it makes you wonder what the real message here is.

Take a look at these examples…

Famous pop singer Adele is being applauded as a heroine for the cause of gender neutral parenting.

Jaden Smith, son of superstar Will Smith supposedly hopes that his ‘gender fluidity’ will pave the way for others to wear whatever they want. In truth people can already wear whatever they want. Men have been dressing in drag since time immemorial. It’s not a big deal. His gender isn’t changing, he’s still presumably got the biological anatomy of a male, but this mainstream news outlet is parading his clothing preferences around as part of a broader push for gender confusion in a changing culture.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, world superstars, are being praised for supporting their child’s exploration of gender identity. Who’s praising them?

In this article it is explained that the couple is allowing their daughter to dress and act like a boy. So what? Is the kid really old enough to understand the complexities of sexual identity? Probably not, but the fact that the media is proud of this achievement is again a sign that some other greater agenda is in play here.

It gets weird, though, when you hear, as some media outlets have reported, that this kid will soon be receiving hormone treatment as a precursor to an actual sex change, although this detail is difficult to corroborate.

American actress and model Megan Fox is being lauded for allowing her son to don a Snow White dress, and as usual, the article makes a big deal out of gender stereotypes, as though this child is performing some heroic act of social activism to save the lives of a group of terribly oppressed people.

“But not only that, the fam completely bashed gender stereotypes as their oldest boy was wearing a super cute Snow White costume. Even better, it’s not the first time their sons have been photographed wearing clothes that, traditionally, are meant for girls. Way to emphasize the importance of self-expression, Brian and Megan!” [Source]

And again…

Actor Toby Macguire and his ex-wife made headlines with an afternoon outing with their son Otis dressed in a girl’s skirt. Hooray for Hollywood, but really, so what? Why is the media making a point of all this?

Actress Charlize Theron is praised for raising a gender neutral son, and the media loves to talk about it. Here’s her boy in a pink tutu with a pink handbag.

Final Thoughts

What’s really driving this? And who benefits from a gender confused society, where appreciating biological gender identity is some sort of new hate crime? It seems that this type of agenda can really only serve some nefarious end because pushing gender confusion on to children who are too young to fully understand their children only serves to create a future where traditional male and female roles are outdated, and the biologically inherent tendencies of each gender are erased.

The American College of Pediatrics has come out and said that transgenderism of children is child abuse. It’s a way of robbing children of their biological identity before they have a chance to blossom or even to understand the nature of being a man or a woman. It’s a serious mind twister, and an age where mainstream media is pushing all kinds of social engineering on the population, the transgender agenda only serves to further destroy traditional values and basic notions of masculine and feminine identity. In the end, it is the individual that loses, as the madness of the collective serves to confuse, and to celebrate freakish deviations from our natural ways of being.

About the Author

Tabitha Mercy is a staff writer for Waking Times, where evolution and revolution unite, and for Offgrid Outpost.

This article (Leading Celebrities Pushing the Transgender Agenda Onto Children) was originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Tabitha Mercy andWakingTimes.com. It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution and author bio.

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