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CALLING OUT NAMES AT SCHOOL BOARD MEETING FOR OUTRAGEOUS TRANS AGENDA: California school allegedly coached 12-year-old into trans identity behind parents back

Father’s speech | MP4 Mothers speech | MP4 (you can only upload videos of 5 minutes or less to WP.com sites now for free. How lame is that?)

Both the mother and father took a swing at the plate and knocked it the straight out the park. That was some scorching testimony against these stupid ass teachers. Libtard scum DemonRat Activist school teachers who were brazenly carrying out the Bapho-fag agenda and targeted their young impressionable daughter for gender inversion indoctrination and it almost killed her. Until we start calling these people out by name just like this mother did, in public and without any regard for a even a shred of civility, these DemonRat educators are just going to keep preying on the most vulnerable of our kids. They really are “Predators” in every sense of the word. Crazy people cannot be extended the courtesy of playing nice and acting calm. Both these parents make every moment of the time those Libtard educators spend serving up on that school board is unbearably excruciating and just straight-up humiliating for them, to the point they can no longer stand the shame of showing their faces in a crowd of more than 2 ever again.

These Libtards really are getting to the point of deserving classification as some kind of serial cult that specializes in the exploitation, rape and murder of young children. Just look at how brazen these educators have been with the Trans shit! Kudos for these parents for not allowing them to get away with it anymore. These elected officials have bonds that you can pull out and make claims on when they try to pull messed up stuff like this you know? It’s some kind of recourse at least. A lot of parents did that to thwart the school mask mandates.

This was a sick thread by “Libs of TikTok”: https://twitter.com/libsoftiktok/status/1471604047765405702?s=20&t=u5HoH_qnac-GJyg-BLbANQ

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