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ALIENS = DEMONIC & EVIL | Human Mutilation by Aliens: What Are Aliens Doing on Earth?

You’re going to be subjected to graphic images of humans that have been mutilated by Aliens and videos of cops being brutally beaten or shot in cold blood and violently dying on the job around these parts. This blog is not for the faint of heart. I talk about the icky stuff that most people like to shove away deep into the recesses of their minds where they can pretend it doesn’t actually exist or matter.

Very very bad Aliens. They are NOT here to help. They are Demonic. I get so tired of hearing that bullshit from the New Agers. That Aliens are higher beings that are here to help us find our way and to help us to ascend to higher dimensional states. No. They are here to exploit us as a resource. That being said, I suspect that many of these human mutilations were actually carried out by certain groups of human beings who had access to certain Alien technology and they actually technically carried out these mutilations in an “illegal” manner that the Alien beings themselves had warned them against doing. The Insectesoid/Cephlapod creatures that run the Earth loosh farm are smart enough to know not to go around mutilating humans so sloppily and brazenly like in the below examples. These cases were a result of someone stepping out of line in my opinion. I just don’t think the Aliens would be stupid enough to leave such a sloppy scene behind. They would just completely dispose of the individual and make sure to utilize all of it and not waste a single scrap of that humans valuable body. They wouldn’t dump it in a field like that. That’s pretty presumptuous on my part though.

There was an Alien documentary that I saw a while back that showed instances of these Grey Aliens chirping like birds to communicate with each other using a kind of ultrasonic rapid-pulsed auditory method of speaking that allows them to compress a huge amount of information into short quick bursts. That was the best and scariest documentary on Aliens I had ever seen and it went deep into the human mutilation phenomenon but I’ve been unable to track it down since. It was entitled something along the lines of “Scariest Documentary on UFO’S”. But I did find a video that shows the chirping sounds that they make which I’m referring to.


What Are Aliens Doing on Earth

Human Mutilation by Aliens

Human Mutilation is arguably the most controversial aspect of the UFO phenomenon. Very few cases exist in the public domain. This is one area that the New Age/ CE5 /Love and light brigade ignores as it doesn’t fit into their narrative.

As you can imagine cases such as these will be kept under a tight lid,where possible by the authorities. I’ve listed what I have come across in chronological order.

Warning, Graphic Pictures – Do Not Scroll Down If Unsure

1. Sgt. Jonathan P. Lovette 1956

Air Force sergeant Jonathan P. Lovette,  was assisting Major William Cunningham in the White Sands missile testing grounds near Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico. While searching for scattered debris from a recent rocket test, Cunningham was shocked when he heard a loud scream. Thinking Lovette had perhaps been bitten by a snake, English recounts Cunningham crossed the dune to aid his partner when he purportedly witnessed one of the more bizarre human-extraterrestrial encounters.

Instead of finding Lovette nursing a snake bite, Cunningham, according to English, recounted seeing the soldier being dragged by a long serpentine arm, wrapped around his legs, connected to a silver disk hovering in the air 15 to 20 feet away. Cunningham watched, frozen in horror, as Lovette was pulled inside the craft, which then rose vertically into the sky. The major then stumbled toward his jeep and radioed for assistance.

Security teams arrived and the disturbed Cunningham was confined to the base hospital for observation and treatment after retelling what he believed he witnessed. According to Joseph’s Military Encounters book, base personnel did confirm an unidentified radar contact near Holloman at the time Lovette vanished. The base dispatched search parties into the desert, but it would be three days before Lovette’s nude corpse was discovered—some 10 miles from the site of the alleged abduction. From all indications, the body had been exposed to the elements for 24 to 48 hours. According to English, the report offered no explanation of what might account for the missing third day, and the autopsy performed on Lovette raised more questions than delivered answers.

First question was: Why had Lovette’s corpse been so severely mutilated? His tongue had been cut from the lower portion of the jaw, his eyes gouged out and his anus removed. In the Air Force medical examination report pertaining to the incident, English alleges that the coroner remarked on the apparent surgical skill used to remove the organs—in particular, that the anus and genitalia had been neatly extracted like a plug. Perhaps most puzzling was the fact that the body had been completely drained of blood, but surprisingly, there was no vascular collapse usually associated with death by bleeding.

Source: Tony Dodd (1999) Alien Investigator

2. The Dyatlov Pass Incident 1959

The Dyatlov Pass Incident wan event in which nine Russian hikers died in the northern Ural mountains between 1st and 2nd February 1959, in uncertain circumstances. The experienced trekking group from the Ural Polytechnical Institute, led by Igor Dyatlov, had established a camp on the eastern slopes of Kholat Syakhl. During the night, something caused them to cut their way out of their tent and flee the campsite while inadequately dressed for the heavy snowfall and subzero temperatures.

Dyatlov hikers portraits

After the group’s bodies were discovered, an investigation by Soviet authorities determined that six had died from hypothermia while the other three had been killed by physical trauma. One victim had major skull damage, two had severe chest trauma, and another had a small crack in the skull. Four of the bodies were found lying in running water in a creek, and three of these had soft tissue damage of the head and face – two of the bodies were missing their eyes, one was missing its tongue, and one was missing its eyebrows. The investigation concluded that a “compelling natural force” had caused the deaths. Both Ludmila Dubinina and Krivonischenko had radiation present on them. Numerous theories have been put forward to account for the unexplained deaths, including animal attacks, hypothermia, avalanche, katabatic winds, infrasound-induced panic, military involvement, or some combination of these.

Another group of hikers 31 miles south of the incident reported that they saw strange orange spheres in the sky to the north on the night of the incident. Similar spheres were observed in Ivdel and adjacent areas continually during the period from February to March 1959, by various independent witnesses (including the meteorology service and the military). These sightings were not noted in the 1959 investigation, and the various witnesses came forward years later. As time has passed numerous video documentaries and websites have been produced on the incident. Looking at the case through the eyes of UFO incidents , I suspect we have an early example here of what has unfortunately occurred since – Human Mutilation by UFO.

Dubia kneeling
Dubinina found in kneeling position with chest pressed against rock face
Dubia autopsy
Autopsy of Dubinina showing missing eyes, upper lip and tongue.

Here is a remote view on the case from the Farsight Institute , (go to 29m, 32secs) 3 blind RV sessions were conducted, all revealing an object in the sky. The third RV’er describes the object emanating a ray of blue light “a never before seen type of light” which killed the group. This suggests an exotic technology rather than conventional.


3. Vietnam War 1972

Leonard H. Stringfield had been interested in investigating reports of UFO activity since he had his own close encounter on August 28, 1945, while he was attached to the Fifth Air Force in the Second World War. In 1989 he received an astonishing report of a UFO encounter by a “wholly reliable individual”; who had been a high-ranking officer in the US military in the Vietnam War.

It allegedly took place in April of 1972 and involved a group of special-ops US soldiers moving through the Cambodian jungle towards the Vietnamese border in order to track down what they thought was an enemy outpost intercepting classified military signals. However, they were caught off-guard by the shocking sight of a circular object made of some highly reflective material. The body of the bizarre object was so reflective that it effectively worked as a mirror. It was sat on the floor of the clearing in front of them using tripod-like landing gear and was described as having a diameter of roughly 50ft.

A deep humming noise emanated from the landed craft.There were several humanoid figures milling around the object, which were described as having large, hairless heads and wraparound eyes of a deep black colouration. They were engaged in the grotesque activity of systematically loading various human body-parts and naked corpses into what were described as large, metallic bin-like structures before sealing them tight.

The bodies seemed to have been from both sides of the conflict, with Stringfield’s anonymous informant saying that they were “a mixture of what were considered to be Vietnamese and white and black American troops”. The men’s military training came in seriously handy in this truly abhorrent situation, seeing as they instinctively moved behind some nearby foliage for cover and quickly opened fire on the alien entities. A firefight between the aliens and soldiers ensued.

Reeling from otherwordly trauma, the terrified team quickly radioed their camp and explained what had just happened. The members of the team who had come away from the bizarre event without any injuries were quickly flown to a military base in South Vietnam. It was here that they were interrogated by a group of highly suspicious characters who seemed to be intelligence personnel of some kind, and warned of the potentially deadly consequences that they would face if they ever went public with their experiences. According to Stringfield’s informant, some of the men were subjected to “deep hypnosis”; for the purpose of creating false memories to bury their real recollections of the confrontation. Although this story may seem extremely sensational, Leonard Stringfield stood by its authenticity until he passed away in 1994.

Source: Nick Redfern (2014) Close Encounters of the Fatal Kind

4. Idaho 1979

Don Ecker heard of a possible human mutilation case from MUFON state director Don Mason. According to the report, in 1979 two hunters in the Bliss and Jerome area of Idaho stumbled across the nude body of a man. The body was in the middle of nowhere, nude except for a pair of underpants, his sexual organs had been removed, his lips sliced off, and several other classic mutilation cuts. Although he was in a very rugged country, his bare feet were not marked as if he had walked in that terrain, but yet no other tracks, animal or human were evident anywhere. After the police were notified, an intensive search was mounted, and miles away, the man’s possessions were recovered, yet no one yet knows how the body ended up where it was found, or even more importantly, what happened to him. It should be noted that this area also had over the years, many unexplained UFO reports and cattle mutilations.

Source: Don Ecker, The Human Mutilation Factor (link)

5. Guarapiranga Reservoir, Brazil 1988

The body of a male was found at the Guarapiranga Reservoir in Brazil. According to reports, the victim had been dead for 48 to 72 hours, but there was no sign of decomposition. The eyes, ears, tongue and genitalia had been removed, as had the digestive organs. Although it was determined that the person had been dead for several days, there was no smell when it should have been present with the stench of decay.

Encarnacion Garcia learned from her friend, Dr Rubens Goes, that he was in possession of some rather “odd” photos which had been given to him by his cousin, police technician, Rubens Sergio. These were official photos of a body that had been found near Guarapiranga reservoir on the 29th of September, 1988, of an unnamed male who was, however, later identified.

The autopsy report states: “There has been a removal of extensive tissue along with many parts of the face, head and neck of the victim… There has also been extraction of ocular tissue, eyes, auditive internal and external organs (ears) and entire parts of the head. The tongue and several muscles were also extracted.

The axillary regions on both sides showed soft spots where organs had been removed. Incisions were made on the face, internal thorax, abdomen, legs, arms, and chest.” As Garcia observed, the doctors stated that these wounds were quite uncommon.” The report also observes, “Shoulders and arms have perforations of 1 to 1.5 inches in diameter where tissue and muscles were extracted. The edges of the perforations were uniform and so was their size. The chest had shrunk due to the removal of internal organs.” It was as if whatever caused the wounds sucked the muscles through these holes. The holes were determined not to be bullet holes.

Goncalves 1
Goncalves 2
Goncalves 3
Goncalves 4
Goncalves 5

The lack of profuse bleeding suggests the use of a laser-like instrument producing acute heat, thus cauterizing almost immediately the edge of the wounds.

Official autopsy report:

6. Brazil – no further information at present.

Above image was sent to me recently. One can see a lack of blood surrounding body. Lip removed, eyes removed. Holes in limbs similar to the previous Brazil case.

7. UK Human Mutilations 1990s

According to UK UFO researcher Tony Dodd, he came across several accounts of human mutilation in the UK.

He relates the story of seven people found dead over a period of several weeks in the same field in Dalby Forest, North Yorks. Classic mutilation involving the removal of tongues, eyes, bloodless and hairless. At the time the story started to leak out, a cover story (created by unknown persons) of mannequins being placed in the field was circulated to the press. Tony stated in these situations the bodies remain “missing” as potentially awkward questions would be asked about the cause of death by the families. Dodd goes on to relate in 1997 that one of his contacts witnessed the removal of a body with a hearse nearby and an official car with a blue light on the inside by the windscreen. Dodd feels it could have been a Ministry of Defense vehicle but there were no markings on it. One of Dodd’s friends was a friend of the Undertaker involved in these retrievals. He approached the Undertaker who flatly refused to talk about it. His friend lately approached another Undertaker from the area who said he is unable to talk about it due to the Official Secrets Act. The Undertaker said there have been more than seven retrievals, “seven is the tip of the iceberg…” Interestingly Dodd goes on to relate that in Feb 1997 in the same forest, the dead bodies of seven rabbits, one fox, one badger, one sheep and one deer were discovered in an area no bigger than the average family sitting room. They each had a hole in their head, their rectum cored and square patches of their skin neatly removed.

Tony Dodd
Former Police Sergeant Tony Dodd

The second case involved an 8 year old girl in Staffordshire.

The third case involved two individuals found on Talybont Mountain in the Brecon Beacons. In August 1990 an SUV car was found with the engine running and the seats were missing. 2 weeks later, 3km from the car a male and female body were found laid out side by side. No blood, no genitals, teeth, ears, lips, eyes. The male was skinless. Breasts removed on the female.

Derek Gough and Richard Hall

UFO Researchers Richard Hall and Derek Gough have both met up with an unidentified former Army man Mr X who claimed to be part of a crack US-led NATO team called Group 58 Security whose task was to search for any evidence and seal off areas where UFO activity had been monitored. He said incidents had occurred all over the world including Australia, Iceland, Scotland and Spain amongst others. He witnessed 30-40 mutilated human beings over the course of his post. The bodies recovered had the classic neat edge surgical precision. Once the area was sealed off the second team of US scientists would arrive to remove the material for analysis. The latter was nicknamed “The Collectors.” Individuals recovered would remain on missing person’s lists and details not given to local authorities indefinitely. Mr X handed 11 photos to Derek showing the mutilations of 2 individuals: a male and female. These photos were personally taken by himself. He said he once saw body parts inside a landed craft. He went onto say a number of colleagues have suffered radiation type injuries. He came across more female cases than male. Once “The Collectors” had collected the body it would be taken to a US base in North Scotland, the remains were placed in freezers and autopsies carried out. He said they often saw burn marks on the ground at sites, sometimes trees would be twisted almost in a full circle.

Derek later washed his hands of the photos and handed them to researcher Tony Dodd but Dodd never released them. He passed away in 2009… The story sounds fantastic but it is not beyond the realms of probability that there would be some sort of organised recovery group run by the US Government, especially if they have been aware of the phenomenon since at least the 1940s.

8. Imbituba, Brazil

22nd June 2009. 17 year old female Lisandra Hartz Benedict was found dead with eyes,lips and tongue missing and extraction holes. Lack of blood surrounding body.

Lisandra’s grieving family

An anon researcher has kindly written an article comparing with an animal mutilation:

I created a side-by-side comparison of two recent animal and human mutilation cases to illustrate just how closely these two kinds of mutilations match before decomposition sets in.

The animal case is a young calf, only a few months old, discovered in the hills of Todmorden, U.K. by a hiker. Todmorden is the same town where, in November 1980, a missing 56-year-old mine worker named Zigmund Adamski was found dead on top of a coal pile with strange wounds on his body, but nothing to indicate how he had died. Alan Godfrey, the police constable who discovered Adamski’s body, claimed to have been stopped by a dazzlingly illuminated UFO in the middle of the road six months later, and experienced missing time. In two independent regressions by two separate psychologists, Godfrey recounted buried memories of being abducted and examined by beings that he said were not human.

The human case is Lisandra Hartz Benedict, a 17-year-old resident of the port town of Imbituba, Brazil. Her body was discovered in waste land some distance from the BR-101 highway on June 23rd, 2009. A 37-year-old man believed to have been romantically involved with Lisandra was arrested and appeared in court, but no evidence was found linking him to the crime and he was released. It is still not clear who killed Lisandra, or why, or even how.

Lisandra’s alleged killer, later acquitted

If we look closely at the images: The calf is missing the left side of its jaw, its left ear, its genitals and its anus. The edges of the cuts are perfectly smooth, suggesting surgical precision. Despite the deep cuts and removal of organs, there is very little blood on the ground and no blood on the animal’s fur. There is also no sign of insect activity on the body. This pattern has been seen in thousands of animal mutilation cases before and since, including such recent cases as the cattle mutilation wave in Oregon, U.S.A. in 2019. In Lisandra’s case, there is no blood on the ground around her body, no blood on her clothes, and very little blood around the wound – as if the body had been drained of blood before the wounds were made. Her eyes and lips have been completely removed, apparently with a great deal of care and surgical precision. There are deep, rounded punctures in her armpit and pelvic area. Some of the muscle appears to have been taken from her left biceps through one of these punctures, causing the upper arm to appear shrunken.

Lisandra’s is not the only such case to occur in Brazil. Less than 500 miles away and 21 years earlier, another human mutilation occurred. The pattern of missing eyes and jaw flesh, rounded puncture wounds, missing organs and near complete lack of blood seen on Lisandra is nearly identical to the infamous case of Joaquim Sebastio Goncalves, 53, who was discovered mutilated next to a reservoir in Guarapiranga, Sao Paulo, Brazil on September 29th, 1988. An analysis of this case and photos can be found here, but again please be aware that there are extremely graphic images.

8. Brazil

36 year old S.C.P., went missing on the night of 27th June 2019 in Pernambuco (Brazil). ‘S’s neighbours state that they saw 2 men leaving his home + driving off in his car.

The next day, the police were called to ‘S’s house, it had been trashed. Various items had been stolen and bloodstains were found on the floor.

On the morning of 29th June, ‘S’s body was found. He had been shot dead. His car was found the next morning.

‘S’ was a professor of Agroecology + a militant of the LGBT cause.


A prosaic explanation is provided but again, usual hallmarks: missing eyes, lips, suction marks and lack of blood around the body

Below is Richard D Hall’s excellent series on Human Mutilations:

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