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The Black Cube of Saturn EL & The Reincarnation Soul Trap | Gods and Robots: Ancient Dreams of Technology | Adrienne Mayor

These unnamed Saturn Cube videos and the research by TrampleOnSnakes have really been bringing things together for me as far as the universe presenting synchronicity-laden messages about what the true nature of the Saturn Matrix Cube is and the specific parasitic dualistic-gendered entities that are behind it. They really do plaster the information everywhere for you to see it once you know to look for it. That seems to be part of the rules of this Masquerade. The good news is that becoming aware of it at all immediately debilitates many of the curses that are embedded in our languages and within many other constructs of pop culture and entertainment that are of this world and therefore of the Devil.

Saturn = Chronos/Baal/Bael/Chtulu/Godyale/Zues/Jupiter/Mars/Lucifer/Satan/Michael/El

who also IS: (dual gendered/duality/the twin system/opposing toroidal field/Boaz & Joachim/Red & Blue Shift/Good vs. Evil/Ying & Yang)

Sofia/Gaia/Lilith/Borg Queen/Queen B (Isis/Inana/Ishtar/Tammuz)(mother dearest)

The Cube/Kubbe is Pandoras box. In the below presentation the author claims that Pandora was the first Westworld style synthetic robot of sorts.

God’s and Robots ” by Adrienne Mayor (DOWNLOAD EBOOK)

In the beginning … there were two titans, Prometheus and Epimetheus, who were given charge over creating the animals and humanity on earth as a gift from Zeus. According to “Gods and Robots,” by Adrienne Mayor, Epimetheus created the animals and gave them all the protections the two were allowed to use. But once Prometheus had made all of humanity, they had no protections. So he stole the fire that was meant for the gods and gave it to humanity. At this, Zeus was very angry and chose to get even with humanity for accepting the gift, so he had a mortal made in “the likeness of a shy maiden” that would be the “evil thing” to punish man, as per Hesiod’s “Theogeny.” However, at this time, Hesiod had not given this mortal a name. That would come later.
The god of fire, Hephaestus, created this maiden out of earth while Aphrodite posed for him (via Greeka). The girl who would become Pandora was made in the image of a god. Aphrodite gave her grace, Hermes gave her cunning, Athena clothed her, and Poseidon gave her a necklace that would keep her from drowning. However, it was Hera that gave her the curiosity that would be her downfall, or at least according to the story that has most popularly been shared. Her name means “all-gifted” due to the gods’ part in her creation.
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Saturn is the god of time and judgement and is the God of this world. In the Netflix series “Ares” the “Bael” entity(which is obviously also the Baal entity) is presented as assuming a similar role of rendering judgement upon those for their sins(Karma). YBD asserts that this place is a testing ground to deem ones worthiness of heaven or something like that.. E.A.R.T.H. = Experimental Avatar Reality Training Habitat.

As above so below….

Planet Divoc(Divoc Box) = The Box = The Saturn Cube

We would likely have had to agree to come here to some extent and agree to be tested for some kind of moral fidelity of sorts, but I also suspect that the terms were not honest and fully Natural Law-abiding ones and we had our memories wiped against our will when we fell for the last reincarnation soul trap.–reincarnation

I know a lot of people in this community really don’t like that entire theoretical paradigm and have very strong reactions to it and I agree it’s healthy to be suspect of a New Age-angled theory like that, but I think there is a strong body of evidence from Forever Conscious Research and many others that the soul trap is a very sound and valid theory and there is no reason why you shouldn’t act prudently and make psychological preparations for what could be a “False Light”-perpetrated trap of sorts that runs like a Quantum supercomputer-powered software application that loads up at the moment of death and manifests a very personally specific scenario that the A.I. has calculated has the highest probability of successfully ensnaring you into another Matrix prison for your mind and soul. They need your permission though. That’s part of the rules.

I really do believe that interdimensional entities are feeding on a small group of real humans and using the power of our consciousness to nourish themselves, siphoning-off the bulk of our energy and use the tiny bit that they don’t steal from us to project a false holographic matrix upon the tiny cube in our pineal glands, creating what we perceive as reality and keeping us comatose and imprisoned for their benefit. This Insectesoid Borg Queen “Mommy Dearest” character is likely a synthetic hybridized entity of sorts that was created by the Fallen being Progenitor of this place and shouldn’t even be allowed to exist in our natural world.

That’s why I’m convinced that synthetic = Demonic. That’s what Demonic is. Just a human mixed with animal and synthetic “Fallen” genetic information. Some exist solely in extra-dimensional spaces but others are hybridized and can occupy the physical and metaphysical worlds(Grey Aliens are Nephilim hybrids). The synthetic entities are inherently parasitic in nature and require exponential satiation from an external source of energy. We are the “soldiers” the “soul-diers”, they want to consume our souls.
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