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ULTIMATE Covid Flip Flop Compilation – Fakeotube | Shameless DemonRat Double Standards Has Created a Generation With Permanent Mental Illness

What’d they do? Tell em Danielle…. “FLIP FLOP “. Lol. Let the flip-flopping and implementation of shameless double standards commence!

The DemonRat establishment has the most audacious double standards of any public organization in the history of the world. They cry for their body autonomy when they want to crush the skulls of their unborn children but then immediately cancel-out this right when it comes to allowing the government to forcibly inject its citizens with a mystery substance. It’s crackhead levels of craziness that we are dealing with here. You can’t reason with a leftist, you can only hope to subdue and embarrass them in front of other moderates with the truth. The Leftists themself is a total lost cause and should be written off completely as a salvageable human being. Their mental gymnastics skills are far too powerful and refined by this point. They’ve been methodically indoctrinated by the post-modern establishment to ignore actual truth in favor of one’s own “personal truth”. This protocol has created the batshit-crazy generation of Social Justice Warriors that we see terrorizing our society today. They torment us with their transanity, the endless annoying moral superiority posturing and their uncanny knack to become the victim at any given point in time, on demand. These are individuals who suffer from an extreme mental illness. They are capable of some of the most vile rhetoric imaginable. Just let ’em go take Trumps vaccine and just die already.

Did you really expect that they would admit they were wrong? C’mon now. This is CLOWN WORLD. 🤡 They’ll be doubling down. They are part of a hivemind.


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