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Is Lucifer the “Man Child” Who Was Kicked Out of Heaven at the Age of 13 and is “Forever Young”? | NEW 5D EARTH CREATOR SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS SATURNCUBE HARVEST | NEW 5D EARTH CREATOR SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS SATURN CUBE HARVEST | royals mated with horses , they have horse d.n.a. and are reptilian horse hybrids aka #hung #like #a #horse

I’ve never heard that before. That Lucifer was 13 years old when he was kicked out of heaven and is forever stuck at the maturity level of a 13 year old. Though I’m not sure what 13 years in “Angel-age” actually equates to human years and its corresponding maturity level. I really couldn’t find anything about this to be honest and I’m not sure where YBD got that from but it would explain the child-like disposition of some of his main avatars.

Michael Jackson, Peter Pan(childish avatars of Lucifer).

I’m assuming this is the same “Man Child” from Revelation Chapter 12.

I’m assuming that “Forever Young” by Rod Stewart and Alphaville are both songs about this mythos.

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