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Postcard: “Picture of 100 Faces”. Mysterious Demonic Faces in the Smoke at Oil Fire in Kilgore Texas, 1931 | MORE DEMONS IN THE CLOUDS & ELSEWHERE – Roger inKC, Alien.Wars

Postcard: “Picture of 100 Faces”

The guy over at Alien.Wars is always showing the Demonic faces in the clouds and at other various disaster sites featuring plumes of smoke. It’s a real phenomenon. These things are everywhere. Roger inKC shows this phenomenon from a slightly different angle but it’s all evidence of the same kinds of Parasitic Demonic entities that have embedded themselves within the fabric of reality itself in all sorts of different bizarre and transmorphic representations of evil. It’s hard to make sense of to be honest. Truth is always stranger than fiction.

These faces always remind me of the grotesque Demonic faces that popped up out of that cellphone that was put in a microwave in a Tamara Magdalene video.

I’ve also seen faces in a volcano before. They are everywhere.

You are bidding on a real photo postcard titled THE FIRE PICTURE OF A 100 FACES. COULD THESE MYSTERIOUS AND HIDEOUS FACES IN THE DEATH WELL FLAMES MEAN SOMETHING THAT IS BEYOND HUMAN UNDERSTANDING THREE MEN WERE BURNED TO DEATH. The fire occurred in Kilgore Texas in 1931. This is the second and last of these postcards that I own. Someone wrote on the back “Note the many faces. Surprising what the camera shows. My scanner shows the back as being yellow: it is not yellow it is white It is in very good condition with no bends or creases.
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