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When You Ask 4Chan For a Copy of the Original “Alien” Photo That Took Down 4Chan | Collection of “Alien” Footage

This was worth sharing just for the eclectic mix of responses and the collection of Alien photos and videos that came streaming in from the community. And plenty of funny ones too.

I distinctly remember this incident and the photograph in question and I remember that the digital copy of the picture was only partially salvaged and it was somewhat hard to make out clearly.

I’m pretty sure that the authentic one is the one on the right, while most people erroneously think that the one on the left is the original version. Below that are the many other spoof versions that you can find floating around.

I’ve always thought that the below footage of an Alien walking around the forest and chirping some bizarre language was the creepiest and most authentic piece of “Alien” footage I’d ever seen.

I was FINALLY able to find the video that I’ve seriously been looking for for years by this point that features the collection of footage which illustrates the chirping, rapid-fire echo-acoustic sounds that these things make when communicating with one and other. It very much resembles the way an Orca or Dolphin communicates under water. Allowing them to compress a large quantity of information into short quick bursts.

Aliens Communicating With Each Other (VIDEO)

The real ones all pretty much look the same… These things are just the Demonic Westworld-bot foot soldiers for the Reptilians who themselves are the hybridized foot soldiers of the shape-shifting Insectesoid/Cephalopod hivemind entity that runs the show. I do not believe that their native form is a physical one. I suspect that they have created these Cyborg robotic Grey & Reptoid races solely as a means of interacting with humanity in the physical world. They are just Chimeras. Genetic abominations of human mixed with animal and synthetic DNA. I also think that there is a good chance that these things were actually created by humans using Alien tech and that none of it was actually authorized by the head entity. I don’t think mommy dearest would be that sloppy as to leave the remains of mutilated humans for us to find and become alarmed over. Though not many humans seem to care much at all about this kind of research and maybe they know this. The more you look into this kind of stuff, the harder it is to make sense of.

What Dr. Karla Turner had to surmise about these “Aliens”:

* We do not know with any certainty what they are. 
* At least some of the aliens lie. 
* During encounters, they control our perceptions.
* They can implant false memories. 
* What we report about them is what they want us to report.
* The alien agenda has physical aims and procedures that have nothing to do with reproduction. 
* From childhood, they manipulate us physically, spiritually, and sexually. 
* They create virtual reality scenarios that are absolutely real to the abductees. 
* They show an extraordinary interest in human souls and in our thoughts.
* There is some element of human involvement in UFO phenomenon.

2 HOURS of non stop UFO & ALIEN FOOTAGE:
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