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This is Why Media Hides It | The Mysterious Origin of Chola Temples | Enigmatic Old World India & Cambodia | Cymatic Generators. Churches and religious buildings were energy stations

This is Why Media Hides It | The Mysterious Origin of Chola.
An ancient temple called Vijayalaya Choleeswaram lays hidden on a hilltop, and everything about it, its origin, its builders, even its name is largely unknown. Archeologists agree that this was the starting point of the great Chola temples, but are completely baffled by it. Facebook…………..… Instagram……………. Twitter…………………. Email id – This is my Patreon account if you like to support me – 0:00 – Introduction 0:50 – Strangest Design 2:13 – Peculiar Architecture 3:24 – First Genetic Modification 4:52 – The Secret of Sphinx 6:49 – Extinct Animals Carved 8:50 – Stylish Doorkeeper 9:49 – Oldest Door Bell 10:40 – Main Chamber 11:10 – The Temple Construction 12:09 – Mysterious Origin 14:25 – Unusual Carvings 16:18 – Weird Location 18:11 – Conclusion Hey guys, there is a remote, deserted ancient temple on a hill top, where no body comes to visit or worship. But researchers, historians and archeologists are not only studying this site, but are baffled by it. Everything about this temple is a mystery, its origin, its design and its hidden codes. Let’s go take a look at this extraordinary temple called Vijayalaya Choleeswaram.. can you see a temple tower behind the trees? That’s the temple, today it is called Vijayalaya Choleesaram, but even its real name is debated by experts. As soon as I enter, I am surprised by its design. There is no main entrance to this temple complex? This is shocking! You can take any Hindu temple for that matter, an entrance would have been designed directly in front of the main tower. There will be a main tower, and there will at least be one more tower, with an entrance to the temple complex. But this design is completely different. Not only that, directly in front of the temple, within a 100 feet distance, we can see a giant rock face of the hill. This means nobody can make a grand entrance into the temple, imagine a king sitting on an elephant, entering the temple. He cannot do that, he has to come on this side, or on this side, which is weird. But this gets even more strange, there is one small entrance at the back, but it is not even designed in the center, it is lopsided. Why? If you look carefully, you will realize why, the entrance and the compound wall were renovations, they were not part of the original temple design. And there is another aspect that is very odd, the main tower is surrounded by 6 smaller structures, and they seem to be facing random directions, completely confusing archeologists. Again, there is no symmetry followed, and you can see that the design does not follow a typical temple architecture. From the outside, you can see these domes, although they are destroyed, the resemble temple tower domes, right? So you may think these are also shrines, and have Hindu Gods housed inside. But what is inside these structures? When you start entering these structures, you will realize that they are all completely empty. There is no trace of any idol and these structures may have always been empty. WHY? So What was the reason for constructing these structures? Did they use them for some strange scientific experiments? Why am I talking about scientific experiments on a temple site, Right? Because of these carvings here. We can see genetically modified animals. Each Carving is called Yaali. Now what does Yaali mean? Today we have made a new species called liger which is half lion and half tiger, and experts took the first two letters from Lion and last 3 letters from Tiger, and called it Liger. But this is not new, it was done in India during ancient times. The word Yaali comes from ancient Tamil language, and Yaali is a hybrid of elephant and Tiger, that’s why they took the first half of the word Yaanai which means elephant and the last half of Puli which means Tiger, and called this animal as Yaali. And this Yaali may be a genetic, hybrid prototype which could have been compined with many other animal’s dna to create more new species. Now, the question is, is this just fiction, or were ancient Indians manipulating DNA and experimenting with these animal hybrids? #AncientTechnology #PraveenMohan #Hinduism

Praveen Mohan is a Rockstar. I’m surprised there aren’t more Indian YouTubers doing what Praveen does in India. Praveen could never visit and film all the enigmatic sites there are in India if you gave him 100 lifetimes to do it. There is an abundance of anomalous high-tech ruined temples and ruined megalithic “rock cut” buildings that are scattered across India and that no one has ever seen before. Praveen needs help and we need more people going out to these sites to document and reveal them to the rest of the world. There is lost Old World evidence waiting to be discovered on every continent, but India is especially ripe with enigmatic temples and ruins waiting to be discovered. The quality level of the detail and precision shown at some of these temple sites in India and Cambodia never ceases to amaze me. I’ve always said that India still holds the best preserved evidence of the ultra high-tech building designs and futuristic antiquitech utilized by this Old World civilization that’s been hidden away from modern humanity, at least from an historical perspective. That one temple in Cambodia even still has a functioning atmospheric energy collector of some kind that’s still humming along.

I made a playlist of all of Vlad9vt’s videos he had on India. Scary Old World has done some good research on India as well.

Old World Indian Temples(SHORT):

If you can’t tell that these “temples” were originally technological in nature then your discernment skills simply suck. You can see the resemblance between the “Spanish Colonial” Church design and the Ancient Hindu Temples.

Many of these buildings still do exist and are so marvelous and so advanced in their design that they are becoming harder and harder for mainstream Academics to explain under scrutiny. They’ve scrambled up our historical timelines and changed our calenders in their desperation to hide away the truth about our predecessors. WW2 was likely just a means of physically destroying much of the infrastructure of this once highly advanced civilization that used enormous high-tech architectural implements to extract an abundant and free source of energy from the Aether. Dresden Germany was blown up for this very reason in my opinion.

Cathedrals and Churches were the same kinds of machines that these Indian temples were. Stained-glass windows were later added by the controllers in an attempt to cover up the fact that these structures were in fact cymatic frequency generating machines of some sort that utilized an immense and complex pipe organ in tandem with the resonance created from the deep underground cisterns beneath the church that were filled with groundwater, in order to produce and harness some kind of powerful electromagnetic effect which enabled them to perform all sorts of great wonders like miraculously healing people or maybe even giving them the ability to teleport from one Church to another. That’s wild speculation on my part, but they were clearly doing something pretty amazing here.

These towers that I see all over the place in Connecticut that are usually connected to a church, were obviously transmission arrays or converters of some kind that networked together this ancient infrastructure of “antiquitechnology”. The one that looms over the Trinity campus in Hartford is absolutely enormous and can be seen for miles around. So is the main building on campus directly next to the tower. It’s HUGE and can be seen from the approaching highway from a great distance as well. They think I’m a student so I get fairly unabated access to the campus and it really is extraordinary.

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