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Bluetooth signals from beyond the grave. Covid19 shot Bluetooth signals in the graveyard!

https://www.bitchute.com/video/nmhx46RxBgGP/ | Dead men may indeed tell tales. They can broadcast a Bluetooth signal. That is pretty creepy. I can hear it now, police will be using this to find the bodies of murdered people. Holy crap.
Source: In4mation

How is the nano-tech still viable and able to maintain its power supply long after the person’s death? Is it somehow metabolizing the dead flesh in order to maintain the wireless signal via the transmission arrays that had assembled themselves within the person’s flesh prior to their death?

You’d think the Bluetooth signal would have died along with the individual, but nope. Could it be that these Bluetooth-emitting corpses are destined to be resurrected into the Apocalyptic Zombie army that we’ve been warned about? It’s food for thought. I’m many ways I think that this Zombie Apocalypse has already commenced in the form of all the NPC Covidiots that our society has become saturated with.

I’m still convinced that the vaccination agenda has a far more nefarious purpose than the mere trimming down of our supposedly overpopulated earth(its not overpopulated). It’s not our lives that they want to take, it’s the essence of our immortal soul that they are after. There are things much much worse than death. Hit ’em with Revelation 9:6,

Keep getting jabs if you want to you damn dummy. You were warned. I even called by my parents idiots the other day for continuing to go out and getting jab after jab even after I had been incessantly warning them against it for the past 2 years. I would have never dared to have been so disrespectful in the past, but this situation is becoming grimmer and grimmer with each passing day and I don’t think I can save them at this point.

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