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Buffalo False Flag CIA PsyOp: Shooter Literally Name-Dropped EVERY Website the Feds Want Banned, Used All the Gear They Want Banned, Was Double-Tapping His Victims & Performing Tactical Reloads Behind Cover Like a Trained Operator.

459 = Nothing is real

Source: https://ugetube.com/watch/false-flag-shooting-buffalo-alien-wars_ZFBEc5PShaIEafk.html#

False Flag Shooting Buffalo Alien Wars (VIDEO)

Source: https://ugetube.com/watch/obituary-is-a-mockery-joke-buffalo-shooting-tops-market-victim-roberta-anne-drury-may-21-2022_LDtTvigLC7wfmLr.html

Obituary is a Mockery JOKE Buffalo Shooting Tops Market Victim Roberta Anne Drury – May 21 2022 (VIDEO)

Obituary is a Mockery JOKE Buffalo Shooting Tops Market Victim Roberta Anne Drury – May 21 2022
Fergerson Funeral Home


Source: https://ugetube.com/watch/crisis-actor-witness-buffalo-shooting_mQ7mfWzkw9ycqDP.html

Crisis Actor(Witness) Buffalo Shooting (VIDEO)

This guy had a conversation about the critical race theory with a Nazi? This sounds silly and ridiculous

These False Flag mass shooting events have become so transparently unauthentic and are so sloppily executed that you’d think most people would have caught on by now, but unfortunately I don’t think that most will ever catch on and we are just going to have to learn to completely block any and all mainstream media promoted stories. Most people have too much of a cog-dis blockade for them to ever be able to openly admit just how contrived and scripted the version of reality given to us by the mainstream media actually is. I’m starting to realize that there is a good chance that NOT A SINGLE ONE of these mass shooting events has ever been real, starting all the way back at Columbine. Not a one. What I don’t understand is why they keep doing this if the 2nd Amendment is that much of a obstacle to the gun-reform they want for America? They’re never going to be able to amend the Constitution no matter how many of these side-shows they try to perform. So just knock it off. This latest production was fucking pathetic. They must really be planning on pulling some fucked-up shit if they are this desperate to disarm us. Shit like this has me fearing forced vaccinations and a NWO/UN takeover.

Sen Malcolm Roberts: Forced Vaccination Is Part Of New WHO Treaty (VIDEO)

You can see the footage at the following Telegram post: https://t.me/STFNREPORT/14550

The very first shot the guy takes is clearly aimed at the woman, yet both her and the man standing well behind and away from her fall down simultaneously. Then when he takes a vicious point-blank head shot to the woman lying on the ground inside the store, the body just recoils without any blood or guts at all. Anyone who knows guns at all knows that a close range shot like that, even with a small-caliber sporting rifle would explode a huge chunk of flesh clean off the body and spray her fresh, still-pumping blood with bits of bone and flesh ALL OVER THE PLACE. People have become so desensitized by video games that they don’t take the time to contemplate the reality of what actually is supposed to happen to the human body. Oh, and the biggest one of all: THERE IS NO MUZZLE FLASH, which is impossible.

And don’t get me started on the atrocious and blood boiling acting performance that was put on by the young girl while watching the shooter being arrested and flailing around on the ground and wailing like a maniac. My goodness, this is all just so despicable and the sad part is that I think it all might actually be legal ever since Obama did away with certain rules governing the way the Feds are and aren’t allowed to use propaganda against its own people, “in the name of national security”. It’s definitely NOT Natural Law-abiding though. That’s for sure. Someone will have to answer for this eventually.

Most people will refrain from being as brazen about calling these events out for what they are, but I’ve seen enough by this point to know that I’m in the right on this and don’t care what dummy that might offend. I’m convinced that just about all of the outrage over this event that we see on social media is generated by bots and hired hands and does not represent an authentic consensus opinion.

Zach Hubbard went as far as to say that the shooter was literally raised for the sole purpose of committing this act: https://gematriaeffect.news/proof-that-payton-s-gendron-was-literally-raised-to-perform-the-mass-shooting-ritual-in-buffalo-new-york-on-may-14-2022/

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