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LGTTM: What Dreams May Come | SPHERE: Why Are We Here? Know Thyself

These videos are always an eye-opening kick in the ass. This is the channel that made “The Savants”, I don’t even know what LGTTM stands for but this person obviously knows their stuff.

KEYWORDS: The Chemical Wedding, Bloo Boo, Blue Dogs

LGTTM: What Dreams May Come
This a good movie for training. Like Alice at the red and blue tree wondering, it will send you this way and that way, up and down. The weak minded will fall for the new age religion, which Mr Pike calls the Lucifer Doctrine, Buddhism, Hindi and reincarnation. Religion is a killer, they will kill you deader than dead. And there is the Hollywood story line, but eventually somewhere, they will tell the truth. Continuing from the Medes: .” “Prove all things.” “Don’t labor don’t eat.” How will you test, when you find something? Push the accursed button? And did you labor when you post something from the entering-the-nets? Knowledge comes “a little here, a little there.” That’s the rules. It will take decades. You don’t know what you don’t know. You have this insatiable need to hear lies. There were videos about a 911 type of event at the 2012 Olympus yes? There was a citizen here that sent me one. I watched this one and it was laughable. First it was full of the youtube propaganda, the police beating somebodies up, politics, new world order, the same bad reruns that uploaded again and again from the walking dead. This video was full of guess work, dumb theories, and it had over 100 thousand views. You should be ashamed of yourselves. I had to ask this ‘citizen’, how long they been on youtube? Knowledge, truth, history is hidden and wants to remain hidden. They come out, when they want to come out. And when they do, they come to hurt man. I’ll give you boneheads some examples: The Book, you take any verse and think you know what is means, many moons later, you did not. The American Indian, a very old culture, ancient, the hidden agenda behind the Lewis and Clark expedition was finding Indian artifacts. Folks came over way before any Christopher. One of the most knowledge cultures in man’s history, the Egyptian, their mathematics was so advanced that the new man said it must have come from aliens. Well they don’t say that anymore. But the Egyptians went to the darkside. And the Knights Templars and the original 9. And the mysterious one. Many things you speak of in the Land of the Damned, come from the Templars. Like the talking head. Now what you find in these examples is curses. Because it doesn’t want to be found out. You have to be a digger. What you find on the surface doesn’t mean anything, as Switch says. You so messed up, you way pass gone. Hacked, wacked, don’t know jack. No stalks no beans, tavistock … haha … So those who have a brain, watch your step. Nothing is as it seems. Ketchup! It’s not a vegetable… haha … There is a statement I’ve made, “the present is ruled by the past, and the future belongs to the past.” This will be explained in this series. It’s something I stumbled on about 15 years or more ago. Something so unbelievable it took almost another decade to believe. To you legion of agents and pitchmen, your end will come swiftly on a day you least expect. Have your fun now. You are done. Cooked! Smells like sheep. Mooving on …
Why are you here? Why are you here? Why are you here? Sphere – another movie that anyone who has done any proper research, should have in their library. A very funny movie. The question is, what is the sphere, the magic ball? The truth starts within yourself. This is not the X-Files. Know thyself
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