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PROOF New Age Is Sa_T@NIk: Insider Quotes – Famous EX New Age Guru | Spirit Science 12.4 – The Fall (The Lucifer Experiment)

Meditation in general and the Kundalini Spirit that can gain access to you when in a meditative state are both things that one must be careful with. I’m not saying that meditation is inherently bad, but opening yourself up like that is a two-way street. Just like with the decalcification of the pineal gland, there are benefits to this but there are also dangers inherent to opening up these new dimensional channels within the purview of your consciousness and exposing yourself to entities that will look to take advantage of your inexperience in this Astral/Aetheric realm.

By the way, both Crowley and LaVey left this world in a state of terror and confusion when the devil finally came for them.

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The Lucifer Experiment:

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