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Impossible Mysterious Objects & Buildings in Pre-War Syria | “Roman Ruins” My Ass… Another Country Bombed To Destroy Its Fabulous Antiquities & Ancient Ruins (Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan)

Impossible Mysterious Objects in Syria. Sound in video – is Ukrainian national folk instrument Bandura. Lizard Figurines Ubaid culture… Unknown civilizations of South America Reptilians… Waldemar Julsrud collection 2016… Ica stones 2016… Unknown Nuraghe civilisation… Ancient Artifacts 1… Ancient Artifacts 2… Unknown mysterious Dacian plates… EXCAVATIONS IN TULA, MEXICO… Mesopotamian Cylinder Seals… padre Crespi Collection 2016

YouTube likes to block Vlad9vt from showing up in my feed like a bunch of bitches. Of all the channels, they block Vlad9vt? Lol. He’s not even that controversial, nor does he go out of his way to present a more accurate alternative interpretation of the site like someone like WiseUp or Mind Unveiled would. I can understand why they shadow-ban genius personalities like those two guys or Rose Hannah or Sylvie from NewEarth or Matt from Quantum of Conscience or Jon Levi who are REALLY exposing the shit out of this place, but Vlad? He literally just puts together slideshows with music and let’s your decide for yourself. That should show you just how frantic they are to stop this movement that’s been exposing just how false our history truly is. Ruins like these become harder and harder to explain under scrutiny. Ancient Rome appears to be nothing but a fabrication that’s been used as a means of explaining away so many of these enigmatic ancient sites.

Wonder if all these anomalous ruins in Syria had anything to with Trump bombing the shit out of the place? Not sure that continuing the Old World cover-up by destroying ruins is as high of of a priority as it used to be, but it still makes you wonder when you see the Taliban and ISIS running around making a point to go out of their way to destroy these ancient sites, almost as if they’d been contracted to do so. Why even waste the supplies? I’m pretty sure that real insurgencies don’t have time to play games like that and certainly cannot afford to waste all those expensive explosives on destroying ancient ruins and statues.

ISIS militants destroy archaeologically significant city of Hatra with sledgehammers, rifles – NY DAILY NEWS

We’ve watched the American military obliterate Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan over the past few decades, countries with some of the most enigmatic ancient ruins still remaining that archeologists hadn’t messed with yet. Why would they even need to bomb ancient ruins to begin with? It’s such bullshit. I know Syria’s reluctance to submit the international Banksters surely also had something to do with the bombings, but still.

8 Ancient Monuments Destroyed By Modern War – HISTORY COLLECTION

One thing you’ll notice with these ruins in Syria is how deeply buried some of these structures are. Everything looks like it’s been heavily calcified over a long long period of time, hence the bright white color of the stone from the Lyme and sand that’s bled out from the concrete over time. All the surrounding “rock” outcrops near these buildings look like they were part of a building once as well. Look at the mountain behind Palmyra. That looks a lot like a gigantic ruined building to me. The sides of the mountain are just the sides of rubble pile from the collapsed building.

We know that these are not Roman sites like they like to claim they are.

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