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Mass of Black Goo Filmed Chasing Shark?

RUMBLE: https://rumble.com/v15gc2g-mass-of-black-goo-chasing-shark.html

What… the… fuck… You have got to kidding me. To me, this looks like a mass of Black Goo that was preying on the shark. What else would move like that and appear as a flowing mass of blackness slithering through the water and so liberally losing the cohesion of its shape and form the way this thing did? Leaving all that blood and residue suspended in the water colum? I’m seriously asking. I would feel a lot better if there was an explanation for this. That thing looked chaotic, undulating and unnatural. Almost like some kind of mad science experiment that spiraled out of control and ended up escaping from the lab. It looked like it was literally engulfing the shark and sucking out its life-force and its blood… like a vampire. It would make sense that these synthetic organisms would need to feast on an energy source like blood to survive.

With all the nano-tech infused Chemtrails they’ve been spraying over the years I’m surprised its taken this long for these creatures to materialize. We will likely be seeing much much more of this as the Black Goo adapts and takes on more complex forms by hybridizing itself with whatever life-forms it comes in contact with.

Close up of particulates captured in air sample over the Pacific Northwest, US – December 2015. Look just like the Morgellons fibers.

I wouldn’t be so quick to label this as a Black Goo entity of some kind right off the bat if I hadn’t seen something similar to this before.

RUMBLE: https://rumble.com/v15gc2g-mass-of-black-goo-chasing-shark.html


Black goo is real, there is speculation it is presently buried in Antarctica and/or the Falkland Islands by an incredibly ancient alien race that visited Earth. It seems that the Goo is a ‘Sentient Oil’ and it has to be buried at great depth to keep it inactive. If this is true, it could be the worlds biggest secret.The fact that this Earth-found Black Goo is able to inject and alter Human DNA and affect life spans certainly matches up with some of the effects it may have in the Alien universe. If such a Black Goo exists beneath our feet, then it makes one wonder about some of the noises we here coming from underground, is the invasion under preparation ?

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