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18 NDE Cases | The Family DECEPTION | Merged with Dad, Surrounded | Matrix Reincarnation Soul Trap | “Love” is NOT Everything. Don’t Fall For The “Love Bomb” That’s Set Off At The Time Of Death.

In my opinion, one of the main reasons that the New Age movement puts so much effort into promoting the concept that “Love is everything and the only thing” and that “God is pure love” is because the soul trap is designed to initiate a full blown love-bomb assault on the individual at the time of death as a means of keeping you entrapped within their system. They try to lure you into following that overwhelming “love high” into the “light”. I’m not saying that love is “bad”. Of course not. I’m simply saying that it’s not “everything”. That makes no sense and at least in this context, love is in fact actually evil because it’s being used against you and as a means of imprisoning the essence of your soul by getting you intoxicated with this unimaginably ecstatic feeling of chemically induced “love”.

Love backwards = Evol… Evil

Hello Friends, I hope you find yourselves well. Today we’ll be going over 18 NDE Cases that will show evidence of The Family Deception and further make the case in support of the matrix reincarnation soul trap. If you’ve found this video helpful please consider hitting the like button and sharing the channel around the internet. The only way this information usually gets out is through word of mouth. Thank you and lets get into it…. Note to Last Timer’s Club: Our Next Monthly Members Live Stream for Level 2 & 3 Supporters Will Be on Saturday 5/28/22 at 4pm EST. Please mark your calendars and a link should be provided sometime next week.
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