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Why NO ONE Should Claim to Know the Secret to Exiting the Reincarnation Soul Trap | What the “Moon Key”? The “12 Mon-Keys” & the Moon Portal

I am aware of the irony in creating post that advises you not to listen to anyone who tries to advise you on the proper way to avoid the soul trap, while at the same time advising you on how to avoid the soul trap, but by the end of the post I hope you’ll be able to see the points I’m trying to convey and the earthly constructs that one must learn to leave behind.

“Instructions” For Exiting the Reincarnation Soul Trap

Any earthly figure who claims to possess the one and only and very specific detailed working plan of action for one to follow at the time of death in order to successfully escape this Matrix prison is likely just another Matrix agent that’s been put in place to try to steer you back into the soul trap. The mere act of consciously recollecting any worldly advice you might have received and then actively searching out for these specific “exit areas” that someone like Wes Penre tells you to seek out as an exit point, would only result in your unwittingly perpetuation of the very same system that you are supposed to be trying to escape from. You’re still consciously deciding to continue to play some one elses game. The rules of the 3D space-time don’t apply in this new dimensional realm that you’ll find yourself in so recalling the theoretical skematics of an escape plan that was given to you by another human while on earth isn’t going to be of any help.


Take the following video. This guy is spot on up until he advises you to head for the center of the Flat Earth and travel through the portal to Hyperborea to drink the Infinite Waters of eternal life. SMH… VERY similar to what Quasiluminous says. (ABOVE)

YOU are now the one who makes the rules. Our creative faculties are why we are envied by our parasitic captors and this ability to create extends much much farther than the aptitude of one’s imagination while on Earth and stuck in your human avatar body suit. Once you realize that you can create and control your own reality once you reach this Astral realm and have reverted back to your native form, you should be home free. THAT’S how powerful we truly are when not bogged down by 3D space-time and drugged up by interdimensional parasites within a biological meat suit. This immense creative power that we have is one of the reasons they covet our conscious thoughts as a means of sustenance. An aspect of our essence that they still do not fully understand. One must remain diligent once reaching this Astral state and avoid inadvertently consenting to another parasitic prison cell by continuing to willfully participate in any facet of their lame and corny Carnival show. This includes hunting for the secret exit point that some individual from the worldly domain of Earth told you about or following your Grandmother into a tunnel of light or agreeing to be reincarnated back onto earth by orders of the Emperor of the Universe Lord Ashtar himself(Satan) for some important mission that he’ll exclaim “only you have the competence to carry out“. Fuck all that. It’s an illusion. They use fear based mind control as a means of keeping you within their Demonic Nephilim Clown clutches. And I do mean that literally.


Don’t acknowledge anyone. Don’t even look at whatever spectacular showcase of light and sound they try to put on. Resist the love-bombs that they’ll be frantically bombarding you with and just ignore them and go on your way. Everything is not love, remember that. That New Age mantra never made any sense.

Remember, they need you, you do NOT need them. Send them back to oblivion where they belong. Ignoring someone is the best way to annihilate the essence of their existence. Reminds me of the episode of South Park where everyone decided to ignore Cartman and pretend that he didn’t exist, causing Cartman to actually believe them and assume he was dead. Much like at the end of the Star Trek episode featured in the above video, these entities need to be sent back into the void of oblivion where they belong.

Are we serving a prison sentence in a place that’s been officially sanctioned by God to exist temporarily?

I do think that there is the possibility that we are all here “serving time” so to speak for reasons we simply do not know and that this place has in fact been sanctioned by the real original Creator God(who I still very much believe exists) and he’s given Satan dominion over this place for a short time.

Are being tested for some kind of moral fidelity while stuck in this parasitic loosh farm? Are these “Fallen” interdimensional parasitic entities actually employees of God so to speak? According to the Bible we know that HaSatan is a divinely sanctioned agent of God who serves a very specific purpose. However I do think that the whole concept of duality and good vs. evil(light vs. dark), the Ying vs the Yang are all earthly constructs inherent to the opposing magnetic toroidal infrastructure that vibrates this 3D reality into existence in between the pillars of Boaz & Joachim. It’s the path of Lucifer’s artificial 3,6,9 frequency that vibrates this perpetual 88 time loop that we are stuck in into existence. We are imprisoned by Father Time(Cronos, Saturn, Baal) within the abominable construct that human physicists refer to as “space-time”.

It should be noted that Cronos, Saturn and Baal are also known as the gods(little “g”) of judgement and help bring to balance and to keep the dreaded chaos at bay, which lends further credence to the theory that we are all here serving some kind of sentence and being tested by entities sanctioned by the Creator God for reasons that we’ll never be able to fully understand using the fleshly brains we are currently equipped with. Most of us have hard enough a time attempting to wrap our brains behind the concept of a realm where “time” ceases to exist, so don’t get too preoccupied with the “whys”. I should also note that the idea of this Saturn entity being the god of judgement is based upon worldly texts and therefore should be taken with a grain of salt but not ignored.

EARTH: Experimental Avatar Reality Training Habitat.

What is the Moon-Key? Is the Moon a Portal?

This brings me to the “Moon Key”. I almost fell over when I saw that Forever Conscious Research uses the graphic of a keyhole superimposed over the moon in his introduction for each video. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him talk about the “Moon Key” so I’m beyond curious as to why he uses this graphic. We see this motifs used across the world at ancient sites so its clearly very important, but I’ve yet to really have that “aha!” moment as far as what it actually represents.

I’ve seen some of the Progenitor avatars like Quasiluminous and Quinn Michaels allude to this Moon portal, saying things like “The only way out is through[the moon]”. Is the Architect following Natural Law by showing us this truth, or is it just another trap?


It was fractal expert Uncanny Deduction(one of my favorites and not a Progenitor avatar)who first brought up the concept of the “Moon Key” a la the movie “12 Monkeys”. The 12 “Moon-Keys”.

The Moon may very well be a portal, but exactly what kind of portal is it? I’ve heard YBD talk about this as well, referring to the Saturn Cube as the “Saturn Moon Matrix”, but despite by almost obsessive research on this subject I still lack the clarity I seek(likely always will) and deem it to be a wildly important facet of the holographic Matrix we are stuck in and perhaps the “key” to the castle. The “Moon Key”. Are we the monkeys? Moon-Keys? The Fallen parasites sure do think of us as monkeys or apes.

LGTTM: 12 Monkeys 2


I’m just not sure that traversing through any Moon portal or going in between some part of some grid like Wes Penre advises as possible escape routes from the Matrix would be the wisest course of action. You’d just be falling right back into the soul trap by consciously deciding to continue on playing the rules of the some ones else’s VERY lame game. Never mind the rules, don’t even play the game… period. You need to shed yourself of anything of this world.

I’m not even sure that their would even be a “Moon” in the Astral realm for one to portal their way out of to begin with. We’ve seen evidence that the Moon might actually be a reflection of our realm that’s been burned upon the surface of the plasma belt, as well as some good evidence that the thing is just a damn hologram. I’m pretty sure that the one thing it’s not is a spherical satellite orbiting body made of rock that encircles another larger sphere of rock that we live upon the surface of.

The Moon is flat!(Or a Hologram): Cosmonaut Films Earths Natural Satellite From “ISS” in Non-Existant “Outer Space”

The point is that listening to Wes Penre or Quasiluminous about what to do or where to go at the moment one realizes that they’ve been liberated from their human meat suits and no longer imprisoned within the holographic Earth Matrix(Experimental Avatar Reality Training Habitat) probably isn’t the wisest or most prudent of ideas. The last thing one should be do upon making this realization is to immediately call-upon the advice you may have been given from any earthly humans and possible Matrix agents like Penre, Quasiluminous or the author of a series of homoerotic fantasy novels in Quinn Michaels, about how to go about escaping this place. I think that once you’re out there floating around in the Astral Realm it’s best to leave all the earthly innuendo behind and to start doing your own thing while shedding yourself of any of the worldly deadweight that’s been cleverly designed to keep you entrapped within the loosh farming operation of a bunch of gross and lame interdimensional parasites. They’ll assume that people like us are “know-it-alls” who’s egos might lead them to believe they figured out the “trick” to escaping this place and they’ll use that against us to “trick” us into staying here.

There is still some good advice and insights that one can learn from Matrix Agents like Penre, Quasiluminous and Michaels but I don’t recommend starting off your journey researching this subject with those guys. They are “expert level only” sources in my opinion and require some heavy duty discernment abilities, a lot of diverse background information and lots of experience dealing with this very complicated subject in to be able to safely and effectively utilize the purposefully scrambled and heavily “New Age convoluted” information they provide on a subject that’s already had it’s waters thoroughly muddied by these False Light peddlers through movements like the Galactic Federation of New Age Retards.

I still do respect Wes Penre and his very interesting papers. As far as the others I’ve mentioned: Quasiluminous has a lot of interesting and mind-shattering videos that do contain a decent chunk of legit truth, but he’s overall a total dick, brags about drinking his girlfriends menstrual fluid and likes to peddle the very creepy and obviously Satanic “Blood Over Intent” ritual that Quinn Michaels also promotes which is the most obvious “soul-selling” ritual I’ve ever seen. At least the Illuminati give you a few toys and a luxurious life in exchange for your soul. What are those two creeps offering? A promise that you’ll live forever in their new 5D fake heaven Lol. People do it though. Or at least they want you to think other real people have actually done it.

I know that there are a lot of people who disagree with my assessment here, so I wanted to include a comment that Gabe at left on this subject in response to a previous post that gives a separate viewpoint on this topic. It’s important to stay balanced and not create an echo chamber and he does have some good points, but I still don’t agree that the soul trap is a PsyOp. I think that these people are guilted into going back to earth by an entity they truly believe is God who instigates the recollection of certain worldly relationships and by emotionally manipulating the individual into going along with what they are told is some kind of divine plan to send you back into your old body to finish some mission, or to reincarnate you into a new body for some new mission. So of course they would comply and go back to this shithole if their God tells them they need to for whatever the reason. Most people are woefully unprepared for this encounter and will easily fall for it.

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