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“The Real World Resembles a Creepy 80’s Sci-Fi Horror Flick. There Are Almost No Real People Anymore & The Few Real People[Left] Are Hunted Down & Monitored”. | Real People on the Internet Are Censored & Oppressed While Dangerous Synthetics Are Heavily Promoted & Allowed To Go Viral | More From LGTTM: Let’s Go To The Movies

The piece-of-feckless-Orwellian-shit platform known as YouTube likes to censor and cleverly hide away all the best of the best of the comments. I was only able to see the following comment when logged into the Android YT app and it was not visible when using a browser.

So much of what was said in this comment resonated with me. This person is completely right in that only soulless NPC synthetics are promoted on YouTube and no real person can EVER make it super stardom without having sold-out to the hivemind. Hence why so many of the best channels I come across have only a handful of followers and/or end up banned from the platform. I’ve been stuck just under 1,700 Twitter followers for what seems like a year by now despite the slow but steady growth of the website which is also clearly throttled and sabotaged by the search engines. Luckily for my followers, I don’t do any of this for clicks or popularity and this site actually costs me, not makes me money. Fringe Culture is simply my personal journal and archive of videos and stories that I deem important or interesting and I just happen to publish it all to a “free speech friendly” offshore server in Mexico after being banned by WordPress.com, so the rest of you can read along and possibly give feedback. Plus it gives me access to lots of cool and interesting people like this person who I’m able to interact with and learn even more from.

I call ’em like I see ’em and have ZERO agenda to speak of other than the best interests of humans and always remain open-minded and willing to change my stance if that’s where the evidence leads. LISTEN TO EVERYONE. TRUST NO ONE.

Comment from “Matrix Portal” on “THE SAVANTS (PT.1-9)“: https://youtu.be/4iSkvN6rDhY

I’ve since been able to track down the original channel that produced “The Savants” and the rest of their content is excellent.

M11333121: https://youtube.com/c/M11333121

This channel(“LGTTM: Let’s Go to the Movies” was original name I believe) has a TON of binge-worthy content. They are a nice complement to the YBD and TrampleOnSnakes videos.

M11133121 FAVORITES PLAYLIST: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=FLLbhn8JAlpiEypS6l6lakTw

LGTTM’s most popular video: https://youtu.be/VYsnPNBg7j0

Sheeple’s Automatic Existences [Timothy Leary: You Aren’t Like Them]: This is a video about sheeple’s automatic existences. Original title, “You Aren’t Like Them Find The Others”. A bit abridged at the end. Cut to the point where the narration ends. Enjoy!

What is NLP: Neuro-Linguistic-Programming?

Introduction to NLP: Neuro-Linguistic Programming seminar …patch.com

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