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Shavuot 6/04/22 !!Watch Date!! Coded at White House Task Force Deb Birx Anthony Fauci on 4/4/20 | Gates Pandemic 2- Monkey Pox- Doctors of Patient Zero Caught Coding: Planned Chimp Plague Scourge-

Rose Hannah has been much more active than usual.

Right around the same time I start looking into the Moon Key all of a sudden this Monkey Pox shit pops up. Creeps me out.

4/4/20 Happy Birthday Thirty Nine Code White House…
NtI Tabletop Excercise March 18 2021. This was illustrated in the exercise scenario: a localized bioweapons attack with a genetically engineered monkeypox virus begins in the fictional country of Brinia. Over 18 months, the scenario evolves into a globally catastrophic pandemic, leaving 40% of the world’s population infected and over a quarter billion people dead.…
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