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Joke Obama/Monkey Story 5-20-22 Coded-Barack Obama Headwound 1393 Monekypox Outbreak 1393-June 8- | ELITES MONKEY POX SYMBOLISM AND BIRTHDAY CODE JUNE 4- BARACK OBAMA HEADWOUND EVENT

More Monkey/Moon Key stuff. What a surprise. This video of a UFO traversing through the plasma moon also came up on my feed recently. It could also just be a UFO glitching-out the Moon hologram. Either or.

And apparently anything labeled Monkeypox is being censored across all platforms with near universal resolve.

This story is such baloney“-Rose Hannah (on the Obama/Monkey story for their stupid coding purposes). I love her reaction in this one. Rose Hannah mic-dropping the Medes… like usual. I don’t know how she does what she does. Gematria decoding is hard.

Joke Obama/Monkey Story 5-20-22 Coded-Barack Obama Headwound 1393 Monekypox Outbreak 1393-June 8-
NTI MonkeyPox Outbreak Scenario… page 10 1421 Infected by June 4 1421= Barack Hussein Obama JR Dead… Deb Birx was said Happy Birthday to on 4/4/20 she was 64 Birthday =604 4/4/20 to 6/4/22 Shavuot is 791 days Anthony Fraudchi said “thirty nine years old” as a joke 791=thirty nine Obviously this was a coded countdown to June 4 2022 I investigated June 4 2022 and found codes for Barack Obama Headwound event (possible) Which would mean he would come back to life 3.5 days later which would be June 8. The Obama Monkey story was supposedly at Roeper School Michigan=608 Here are Gematria re June 4 and June 8 used in this video… -Americas President Barack Obama Died Gunshot Mind Regeneration Corpse Will Rise After Three – -Days Trick Miracle Event in Jewish Gematria equals: 5321: June Four Twenty twenty Two=5321 The Beast That Arises Out Of The Bottomless Pit Had Mortal Head Wound Healed in Jewish Gematria equals: 3569 June Eight Twenty two= 3569 Monkey Pox outbreak=1393 Barack Obama Headwound=1393 The reason why they did this article and associated it with Barack Obama is they know the Gematria for monkeypox outbreak and Barack Obama Headwound match exactly. also even more telling is they used Roeper School Michigan =608 as the place this supposedly happened. Why use 608 Gematria?? Because if you subtract 3.5 days from June 8 you arrive at June 4 the exact date symbolized by Deb Birx and Anthony Fraudchi in the Birthday=604 thirty nine=791 coding event on Deb Birx 64th birthday 4-4-20 which is exactly 791 days to 6/4/22 Perhaps the Deb Birx Fraudchi coding event was pointing to 6/4/22 and 6/8/22 as the hoax death and resurrection of Barack Hussein Obama.
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