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So…. Apparently People in China Are Starting to Drop Dead in Mass | China Has Digressed Into a Full-Blown Apocalyptic Orwellian Nightmare

More People Down and Nobody Cares (VIDEO) | Lots of China People Dropping (VIDEO) | More People In China Down (VIDEO) | It Appears the People in China Are Dropping Dead (VIDEO)

Meanwhile in China… (VIDEO)

So they’re remotely killing their own people now? Jesus Christ.

I didn’t think China would ever get this bad. I knew China was filled with lots of domesticated animal-torturing and murdering goons and had one of the most barbaric and ruthless regimes on the planet, but I never thought I’d see the country digress into the oppressive Apocalyptic state that it has. Imagine if they tried something like this in America? Ok… the Soyboys would immediately submit and give themselves up in the larger urban centers, but us folk out in the suburbs and in the rural areas who actually have a shred of backbone and are still equipped with firearms to defend ourselves with ain’t gonna play that shit and a full blown guerilla war would end up breaking out. I would hope so at least. I can see myself trying to rally everyone in the town square to fight back and they all just mindlessly stare back at me with blank looks of confusion and then decide to listen to what radio tells them to do instead of fighting back. We would of course lose in the end, but the fight would be inevitable. Like I said, I would hope so at least. With the recent widespread cowardice I’ve seen exhibited by the general public I’m not too sure we’d see much resistance at all. People would just take selfies with the choppers flying overhead coming to to heard us to concentration camps or to just exterminate us.

My good friend Peggy is from China and she refuses to venture into the Chinese mainland when she goes back to visit her mother on occasion. That’s how messed up that place is. Half the country is forbidden to outsiders and most citizens. Now it looks like even coastal China has become a full blown Orwellian human rights disaster as we see people torn from their homes in Shanghai and forced into concentration camps.

The interior of China is pretty crazy and vast. Those “mountains” surrounding the sinkhole look more like mounds of ruined buildings to me.

Spelunkers Discover A Massive Sinkhole In Southern China — With A Forest At The Bottom
THE CHINA COVID HORROR SHOW | https://www.bitchute.com/video/pLR0vHqSEPTw/
China using increasingly brutal tactics to enforce Lockdowns. | https://www.bitchute.com/video/GH1oV9wkIt4r/

The Western world has irresponsibility allowed China to buy up the planets real estate and become the global financial juggernaut and human rights catastrophe that it now is. Tibet was just a appetizer.

They’ve been gearing up to totally turn-out and imprison their own people in ways I never thought we’d see a modern superpower dare. We’ve recently watched the CCP forcibly pull people out of their homes to be whisked off to some Covid prison camp after having their pets brutally beaten to death with sticks by the authorities. Many have committed suicide. This is in Shanghai! People have begun to flee the city in droves.

PEOPLE TRYING TO ESCAPE FROM SHANGHI | “This is our last generation.” | https://www.bitchute.com/video/iguRHDt6bJI3/

I guess the rest of the world is just going to sit back and allow China to do whatever it wants to is citizens. China is their daddy and does ALL the big lending and investing on the international stage. Yes, parts of their economy are a scam, like the numerous unoccupied cities filled with residential and commercial real estate that comprise much of the portfolios of the largest Chinese investment firms. However, China has always had foresight and they know damn well what they are doing and have invested so many of those U.S. dollars that we keep sending them to buy as much real estate as they can get their hands on both here in the United States and abroad. They seriously own half of the Manhattan skyline and no one even lives in most of the residential units that they own.

Intelligence agency warns that China is creating global genetic database with Covid test kits and biotech firm buy-ups that could give it dominance over U.S. healthcare industry and a decisive military edge  – DAILYMAIL.UK

You know those Jesuits I’m always talking about who supposedly run the show? Well China owns them. I kid you not.

China owns the Vatican. “THE WINDS FROM THE EAST” – Tamara Magdalene

So long as we(the rest of the world) keep foolishly extending our debt and purchasing goods from China, they’ll keep buying up all the best assets and then eventually China will simply own everyone and everything on earth. At that point its a guarantee that they’ll show up here on U.S. soil and commit these same atrocities upon the American people. By that late point in the Armageddon game most of the population will have already succumb to their quackcinnations so it will just be us few left on the run Mad Max style, so be prepared to try to make the best of it like I am. Lol. But seriously. This isn’t funny. What China is doing right now isn’t funny and they WILL take over the world at this rate and you will see shit like this start popping off in other parts of the world. They know they can’t beat the U.S. war machine head-on(debatable these days) so they have instead infiltrated the U.S. Government and bought off half of our politicians as a means of taking us down from within. Only Russia could possibly stop them but I fear that they will ally themselves with Russia and roll on the rest of the world once the U.S. is sufficiently weakened in the end.

I fucking hate China so much. I hate the boomers for selling this country out to them. I’m not taking part in communism or anything Chinese. They are the ones pushing this great reset faggotry. | http://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/362516295

REDDIT: https://www.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/ukv1f2/in_china_where_communists_run_a_country_they/

Here is their fearless leader, Lucifer himself, with his handler Lilith chuckling in the background.

English teacher in China describes horror of lockdowns. | https://www.bitchute.com/video/AFjfJJDSeb6C/
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